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  • reitdude42 reitdude42 Feb 11, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Holly, instead of dismissing everyone...

    ...can you please enlighten us as to how the following points are "exaggerations", as you claim?

    1) AMZN is losing that completely unfair tax advantage that allowed it to undercut the prices of its brick and mortar competitors by up to 10% in some states (9.75% IL state tax). Now that this ridiculous tax policy is being eliminated, AMZN is planning on opening retail stores...similar in size to Best Buy's most recent strategy...the mobile stores.

    2) how those much cheaper TV's that you find at BBY's competitors are not the latest models since the CE manufacturers forbid deep discounting on their newest products. Unilateral pricing policies (UPP) announced by Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, and Sharp set fixed prices for which brick-and-mortar and online retailers are allowed to sell certain products.

    3) BBY's urban locations supplemented by its on-line presence for an added element of convenience (buy on-line, pick up same day at store), its fast delivery and free set-up, a hassle-free return policy and buying products from a trusted retailer are actually coveted by some consumers...those that help the company achieve $50 billion in annual sales on CE.

    Which is untrue...the tax advantage, the UPP or the $50B in sales?

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    • Last time. I hate answering same over and over and over...Especially replying to a person that is claiming that "Amazon is copying BBY's current biz model"!.anyhoo..

      1.) (See my "Online Taxation and BBY post)

      2.) They may not allow cheaper, but I get a better warranty for FREE at clubs. EXTRA YEAR AND CURRENT models. Not a member and buy yours at BBY? You buy T.V. at BBY and margins are slim and they try to make their nickel selling you service plans and overpriced accessories with inferior quality. So, you buy rest conveniently, better selection, price on their own website. 50K SQ. FT. STORES ARE DEAD IN ELECTRONICS. TOO MUCH DEAD AREAS AND HIGH OVERHEAD. Sorry, wrote in "Caps" because no matter how much is out there to support that fact, you still repeat yourself.

      3.) Why do I need to travel to BBY in my "Urban Area" when I can have my better selection I got online BBY delivered to my pc or door? If you people get your social interaction at BBY store, I'm sorry. Set up IS NOT FREE! Spend over $999 and on certain promotions they will come out and unbox it and plug it in. ALL hardware, such as mounting and installation is extra! Speaking of mounting hardware. Go price BBY store then look online. With T.T & L much cheaper! Again, you can find all the advice online for free! No need to PAY GEEK SQUAD to hold your hand. Did you see my "Set up a Smart TV "post??

      reit, keep grasping. Unless you have anything new, not going to repeat myself again. : )

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