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  • hollyannatexas hollyannatexas Feb 11, 2013 10:33 PM Flag

    Enough of ME!! Let customers speak!!

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    posted Feb-05-2013

    "I bought a couple items for Christmas. Non software. We moved &and I didn't get back to the store for about 2 months. Even with my receipt, they would not take the merchandise back, even for store credit! To add insult to injury, I checked the product on line and this $25 item only retails for $15-18 elsewhere. Terrible customer service &and terrible prices."

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    posted Jan-10-2013

    "Uses UPS Mail Innovations (aka really slow USPS). Ordered item online and could have picked it up quickly at their retail location quicker. Took almost 2 weeks to be delivered from their warehouse in TX (I am about a 1.25 day's drive). "

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    posted Dec-13-2012

    "Best Buy had an internet special that was supposed to give you a $25 savings code emailed to you 4-7 days after you pick up tour stuff at a store location. I ordered a camera, memory and a case so the before tax amount was $256. I waited patiently for a week and guess what? No code was emailed. When I called Best Buy's customer service line I was continuously transferred and disconnected. I was finally connected to a Best Buy customer rep that said she would send (by snail mail) a gift certificate for $25 and I should see it in 7-10 days. Well it's been almost 2 weeks and no gift certificate. I tried calling Best Buy's customer support, but again have been disconnected and hung up on. Best buy has terrible customer support. This $25 savings code is nothing more than a "bait and switch". It looks as though I'm not ever going to receive the savings code or gift certificate as promised."

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    modified review posted Dec-12-2012

    "Best Buy has so much potential to be great. Problem is they can't. One their items are high priced, except on Black Friday but that is one time out of 365 days. Second never use bestbuyredactedcom I placed an order for a computer $620 black friday best deal anywhere and found out they charged me double the price. After calling customer service and complaining on their forums I finally got an answer. They told me they place two charges, one as a hold, and the other has a charge.

    I was out $1200 because of their so called authorization holds. I finally got my money back 4 days later but the whole experience left a bad taste. What would have happened if I didn't have enough to cover the second charge?"

    Want more???

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    • going to love them even more now! 15 days or else!! ; ))

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    • Holly, you know what, I would recommend any new management team to hire you as a honorary consultant to revamp the business - of course for an appropriate compensation. You could be the "Carlos Ghosn" of CE retailing

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    • I went to the Roseville, MN store (less than one mile from the original Sound of Music store where the chain was born) a few weeks ago expecting to spend $300 on a Surround-sound system for my new 50" Plasma. Looking at the systems I was approached, I asked for advice, and the guy suggested that for what I described, I'd be happier with an assembled system. We popped into the Magnolia store area and I was shown many speakers and receivers. He spent 90 minutes with me. I came back three days later and he worked up a great price. I spent $1200 and am VERY happy with my purchase and the service. The company may not be executing right with every customer right now, but Schulze wants to take it back and make it into the company it used to be. Give them a chance to be great again under the founder!

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