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  • keh12955 keh12955 Feb 13, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    there are no shorts, you longs are mistaken

    well, let me clarify a bit. if you look at short interest, i am sure there is some (i have not looked). so, there are some shorts in this stock. BUT, i have tried to recently short, especially with this big up day, and my scottrade, and e-trade both show there are NO shares available to be shorted. I called my broker at scottrade, and he confirmed. I cant understand that, bec ause NOT everyone that owns this POS has called their broker and told them "please dont allow my shares to be borrowed for short selling". something is wrong here, with no shares being available to short. with all the shares being traded today, all those that have been bought, have not been with the instruction "do not lend for short selling". Come on, not even one share is available. So, there are no shorts in my opinion, being added to this.

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