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  • oldtimer2013 oldtimer2013 Feb 15, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    @stinky stick said "he is not short but willing to put money to bet BBY will go bankrupt"

    Now, tell me. How STUPID is this statement?

    If you are sure BBY will go bankrupt, and you are willing to bet money on it, YOU GO SHORT.

    Instead, he POSTED. How stupid is that?

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    • @deadeye

      For a guy as smart (or stupid) as you are, yes, do post something that:

      1. does not answer the question
      2. reinforces your own denial that you are LOSING MONEY TODAY

      Both points 1 & 2 are FACTS. Do you dare to say no?

      Now, back to the original question. How stuipid is @stick to make a statement like that? How stupid?

      IF you are SURE the company is going bankrupt and you are willing to bet MONEY on it, the ONLY WAY to do it is to SHORT it. @stick does not short it, yet comes to the board to post. How stupid are you to agree with him.

      How stupid, @dead eye?

    • Well old timer, only stink knows how he/she can rationalize that statement. Beauty of message boards...people will postal kinds opinions and seldom support their opinions. Guess an old fart like you has all the knowledge in the world and would never do anything like that. Keep those two brain cells you have remaining and try to figure out BBY would be a good place for anyone to invest their hard earned cash. ;-)

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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