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  • basicknowledge Feb 15, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Dare you to hold over weekend - Bad News coming

    These guys are going to dump some bad news on you.
    Would you lend anyone some cash to buy this, knowing all your competitors are burying you every month?
    Just going to be a Circuit City. This company is laughable. They will have to close 50% of the existing stores due to poor sales, and not making the profits.

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    • You are stupid. Sorry to say that, but you are.

      DARE YOU? Open your eyes instead of your mouth. Look at the trades TODAY. Why is it going UP even after the BAD NEWS? WHY?

      Ask yourself. Think about it before opening your mouth. Why? Because SHORTS do not DARE TO HOLD OVER THE WEEKEND.

      It goes up NOT because longs are buying more. It is because SHORTS are buying now.

      You better cover your $2 short position otherwise you will cry more.

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