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  • reitdude42 reitdude42 Feb 15, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    Say goodbye to "showrooming"...

    An excerpt from Bloomberg:

    "Best Buy will make permanent its holiday price-matching policy to get shoppers to stop using its stores for scouting products they later buy online elsewhere.

    The year-round policy, designed to end the practice known as “showrooming,” takes effect March 3, Matt Furman, a Best Buy spokesman, said today in a telephone interview. The electronics retailer also will reduce its merchandise return policy to 15 days from 30 days, he said."

    "Best Buy narrowed its window for returning merchandise to 15 days to coincide with its policy that allows customers to claim lower prices on items they’ve purchased in the retailer’s stores and online, Furman said. Customers have 15 days to take advantage of such lower prices."

    Naturally, gross margins will be impacted. However, eliminating the showrooming effect will have a drastic improvement in their market share thereby increasing sales. An increase in profits should accrue as the added volume more than makes up for the margin contraction.

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    • Oh please, another empty argument. Now, just another reason NOT to shop at BBY with that return policy. Seriously, that will stop showrooming? Showrooming is about just looking at product and shopping for best deal elsewhere. What does a 15 day return policy do to stop that? Nothing! In fact, induces customer to buy somewhere else with better return policy. You are now LESS COMPETITIVE.Common sense. And you're the same guy that is famous for exaggerating competitors. : )

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      • How is this another empty argument?

        Oh...because you say so...its a recurring theme in your rebuttals.

        Look...the biggest reason that BBY was losing market share was due to "showrooming"...people coming into their stores looking at the products but purchasing them cheaper somewhere else.

        That will no longer happen with price matching. End of discussion.

        Not one of your or anybody else's arguments in the past even considered the return policy. All your past arguments advocated shopping at a BBY competitor due to price or extra warranties. Now its suddenly an issue because BBY's return policy is a shorter term than all its competitors?

        Why didn't you acknowledge that - even before this announcement - Costco's return policy was 90 days vs. 30 for BBY?

        Let's see....can it be that its because its a non-issue!?!'re clutching at straws. So sad.

        15 days is MORE than enough time to decide that a product is not right for you. Any problems thereafter are covered by the free manufacturer's warranty.

        I can't wait to see what lame argument you flood the board with next...."don't shop at BBY, they look at you funny!"

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