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  • longterminvestorgirl longterminvestorgirl Feb 17, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    BBY - Google may launch retail stores: This will be the end for BBY

    Goggle is going to crush the market...The maket will now belong to Amazon and Google. BBY is top heavy. BBY will be a showcasing store not only for Amazon but Google.

    It will be interesting to see where the market takes BBY.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Well, losing good customers like me, due to simply not honoring their coupon, is one other potential reason. I don't own BBY stock, but if I did I'd move over to Walmart and/or Amazon.

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    • I don't think Google will put BBY out of business. It will just take even more market share away. The problem with BBY and DEAD BIZ MODEL is square footage and as you said "top heavy". You can't operate gargantuan stores and be a TV/appliance warehouse with thin margins that you can't sell at lower price. All other items are DEAD. Now, with their new return policy, they are cutting their own throats further by making conditions stringent to return other items such as, accessories, music, software, DVD's, games, etc..Why would you buy those items there with those conditions? It's a DINOSAUR. They are grasping at the twig as they are going over the cliff with "Expert Advice" campaign. Dumb. : ))

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      • Obama about to shove cap n trade through and shipping fees will double. Online retailers like Amazon will be feeling the pain soon online tax's and much higher shipping fees are around the corner.

      • Miss Holly, square footage is just square footage UNLESS IT IS IN PRIME LOCATIONS. Then Mr Schultz and team will adapt and focus their strategy and fill those spaces with customers and well trained sales
        people. With Amazon starting physical locations, with Target expanding to Canada, with now Google talking about physical locations I don't get your slamming a "dead business model". For the sake of the next generation of workers you should want to be wrong pm this; for the cities where these businesses anchor downtowns and malls you should want to be wrong on this and praise Best Buy in its efforts to turn this business around. We can't all huddle around our smartphones, call in to call centers for warehouse delivered cheap stuff and expect a decent future for our country. We need to pay attention to the strength of our cities. Our employers, workers, contributors. You're a smart lady. Too bad you don't focus your considerable intellect on how to improve those business models, transfer technologies and start new businesses. Figure how Best Buy fits into this growth and be constructive. They will be a Better Best Buy!!

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