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  • hollyannatexas hollyannatexas Feb 18, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    wink, wink.. BBY "Price Match"..

    Customer: This 15' HDMI cable is $4.99 at Amazon. Yours $68.99. Price match?

    BBY Employee: I'm sorry, we can't because we don't sell that brand.

    Customer: Okay then . This 15' DVI cable by ADaysTech for $5.99 at Amazon?

    BBY Employee: Sorry, don't carry that brand either. Hey, for $30 more, you're already here, right? Somebody has to pay for shopping in a electronics Colosseum!

    BBY Emplyoee: Sorry, similar TV different model number.

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    • customer: On your website these camera accessories are much cheaper than your price in the store. All together, $60 cheaper. Price match?

      BBY Employee: Well, let's take a look. Yes, those are "marketplace" items and we don't price match those. Sorry. Welcome to the NEW BEST BUY.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Customer: I was in here 3 weeks ago and bought this HP laptop...

      BBY Employee: Mam, let me stop you there, nothing we can do for you. 15 days now. welcome to the "New Best Buy"!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Customer on phone to friend:...Yeah, I went over there, left with nothing. Most brands of accessories not in stores, so they couldn't even price match their own website! Told me that I could come back and pick up my online order or have it shipped to my door. Why bother going to store in first place? And then I find out they have new 15 day return policy!

      Friend: But, been reading that analysts like Joly and "NEW RENEW BLUE". : )

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to hollyannatexas
      • Remember buy low, sell high and if you are shorting you do the opposite. No one gets in at the bottom and sells at the top and no one shorts at the top and covers (or doesn't cover) at $0 and if they do on occasion it's more like a squirrel finding a nut every once in a while.

        Good luck trading and with your investments.

      • Dear Holly, even though you may be right on the end why not give it a rest? You are even replying to your own posts now. Weekdays, nights, weekends. When do you sleep? I hope you are not a paid poster but the sheer numbers make it look that way. And you are a good poster but momentum is not in your favor. And if I can think of ways to use the big blue boxes besides sell quality consumer electronic s that will drive traffic of customers into their stores, surely mr. Shultze and Mr. Joly can too. Holly for the sake of the cities, the employers, the employees, the customers and industry in general better hope the longs are right and the innovativeness and creativity in our country can survive this "cheaper at any cost" mentality. ( and I don't need another lecture on capitalism ) with respect for your persistence , proliferation but not your lack of optimism.

    • Goodwill!! : )

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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