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  • livinginsunbowl livinginsunbowl Feb 20, 2013 5:48 PM Flag

    2 upgrades and BBY still ends up down.

    This is getting strange here. BBY is setup for a huge sell off. Market is getting weak. Fed is taking us lower.

    longs should run for cover.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • They were yesterday and if you are dense I'll let you know that the price was at $16.87 before said upgrades. I am actually quite surprised that most of today's losses were recovered while the 3 major indices all closed near their lows.

      Perhaps people are being taken in by the latest Schulze baloney. I'll believe there is a buyout when it actually happens.

      I would hope people aren't buying into that now because this game has been played too many times. I'd be happy if he pulled it off. $20 would work for me but I don't think it happens.

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      • Surprised? Not at all. The recovery into the close was predictable. Shorts aren't taking any chances of an after-hours deal announcement. What a farce. The guy has been talking about taking them private since last June. He has to wait till Feb 20 to make a formal offer? lol. OK. They opened up the books in September. Then the next excuse was holiday sales. And now what is the excuse?

        I'm not short, but this looks like a pump phase of a stock that may not see these levels again - ever. And the funniest thing is these analysts upgrading here. heheh. OK. The economy is about to roll over yet again, cash is drying up, the best quarter is behind them, and the analysts are upgrading? Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.

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