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  • hollyannatexas hollyannatexas Feb 26, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    Tick, tock, you poor souls..

    I liked you better when you were a bunch of "chicken littles" running around a couple of weeks ago when this thing flash crashed to $14. lol. Sure do have a lot of swagger now for people that have a two day deadline on your savior and the mystery of profits on the dinosaur.: )

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    • 11th hour Schulze? Earnings? Investing in a Buick is cool. Tick, tock,...lots of drama. : )

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    • Gosh golly Holl, name calling does not become you. Are you really that confident that when there is no buy out that we're heading directly south? Do you really believe that the majority of this move is based on the hope of a buyout that no-one believed was going to happen? Isn't it possible that (like TGT) Jan same store sales were actually decent? Isn't it possible that the pretty massive up volume buyers (which has not been short covering as you know) are actually seeing this as a 5B co. that produces 50B revenue a year and is adapting and will not go out of business ('any time soon' I will add).......yeah, yeah overhead/margins/schmargins. After close to 2 months of a strong move up and a few (you'll say misguided) upgrades, you have to see there's still two possible outcomes. My own hubris wouldn't even allow me to keep a full position into this news. I can't really wish you luck, but if this does dump to 14 or 15 after nonbuyout/earnings, I may just double up again. And frankly, even if we're sub 10 and I jump ship.....still got a nice return for 50 or so days work. How you doing so far in 2013 here? Cheers, BG.

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      • ruby2626 Feb 26, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

        I've been very lucky with this stock, I hadn't followed it in years and then I saw it was below $11.50 and jumped in with a bunch of calls. The announcement Thursday has the potential to swing this stock largely one way or the other. In the unlikely event of a large decline I purchased some insurance in the way of April $16 puts, cost me under a buck yesterday, today they're a few pennys higher. If the report is good I'll probably use this as the lower half of a put spread and sell the $18's or whatever. This move potentially could lower my profit by the cost of the puts but the upside is it guarantees locking in at least some profit.

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      • "chicken littles"?..oh, how vile! ))

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