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  • srainey388 srainey388 Jul 3, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    Best Buy is the perfect example

    OF WHY THE STOCK MARKET IS BOGUS! Upgrading a stock that has negative earnings of over 2.00 a share and the company hasn't said anything that things are turning around.

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    • I question it too but this is what WS does best just what you described. This is probably going to grind higher right into the August 20th report. Look at Blackberry there was a line of big name analysts tripping over each other to say how good that report would be and they laid an egg big time. Shares went from near $15 to $9.65 in a week. There are so many rigged parts of this market but it's all we have to trade and invest in.

    • Credit Suisse said that number will be four times greater by 2017. So we are looking for $8/shr loss in a few years, all based on cost cutting and price matching, where margins will be compressed to a fraction of 1%.

      They too are one of the recent big shorts, especially yesterday. That is their MO, pump it up, and when it's ripe, dump it and make a fortune. That is one reason they all make the big bucks, plus their respective companies do quite well.

      Looking forward to the 2nd Q earnings report on August 20th. Might be a good time to sell hard, if it hasn't already been beaten up.

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