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  • benny_jacobs_101 benny_jacobs_101 Aug 2, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

    BBY up 163% YTD

    Longs are fools with their 163%. They should have listened to troll Vinnie and sold at 15
    Poor Vinnie will never make back his losses. Not understanding investing can be very expensive and puppet Vinnie is suffering. Soon he may resurrect his political ranting ID's and see if he can get an entirely new group of strangers to hate him.
    Bwaa ha ha ha. Dance puppet dance.

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    • By the way unlike you this has been my one and only user ID on Yahoo. The only politics that matter to me is how it affects a stock to trade or on my local level. I have nothing to hide do you? You know I constantly receive a lot of e-mails from so many services that I will never use but they do send me a sex offender finder and I punched in your user ID and you showed up on the list. Tell me it isn't true Wonk!

    • Ooh I'm hurting on my current BBY short at about $31.07 of 750 shares. Ooh I'm such a troll Wonk. Ooh how's your moms basement is she giving you enough AC during the dog days of summer. I just don't get it I'm such a troll maybe you can teach me. Ooh oh no I guess I will have a hard time paying my over $9K in bills a month with the $7,583.64 made last week, the $25,630.28 in July and $201,024.85 net for 2013 so far and over $50K in annual dividends. Damn I wish I had asked my full service broker for advice. Hey Wonk what time is lunch today? Please tell me you don't make her bring it down the stairs to you. Ooh please come up with another cool name to call me. Ooh I can't take it I'm just so angry. You are a lightweight and never forget it. Enjoy your $16+ gain on BBY celebrate and buy a couple of items from the dollar menu or better yet go to BBY and buy a new Samsung phone or some Green Mountain Coffee.

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