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  • benny_jacobs_101 benny_jacobs_101 Aug 6, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    BBY shorts can't get a break

    Markets pull back but BBY pushes higher. Get the feeling the earnings are good??
    Nightmare on Wall Street continues for Vinnie & The Trolls. He'll probably end up having to going back to finish his degree at Clown College.

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    • I guess you are home from work finally. You cannot wait to get on here it seems. Have you ever seen the movie "Big Fan" about the NY Giants fan who lives with his mom and lives his life to call in on the sports call in radio show. That is you your eyes must have lit up when you saw that BBY was green today. Well while you were using your pointed stick today ( I know you read the Wonk post from earlier today ) let me recap my day for you....+$2,639.06 from KORS, POT, AEO and BBY. One more time at you job do they still give you guys the stick with the pointer at the end to pick up the people's trash? What you still don't get I don't hold a BBY position most times you post. I do buy and short it on occasions. But that's OK it gives you something to dwell on while you are in the park with the pointed stick. These boards are like the trading communities that brokers have for traders to give their opinions on any given day but in your world the only opinion that matters is yours. Have a wonderful Wednesday Wonk if it gets hot in the sun drink lots of water!

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