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  • quantify33 quantify33 Jun 15, 2001 2:11 PM Flag

    Real Information

    Possibly if these losers could post increases in customer count and SPC someone would be interested? These figures cannot be easily manipulated, but then again they would find a way, they are masters at numbers manipulation

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    • The only TRUE sales increase is cash from the customer and in the bank PER CUSTOMER, forget the BOGO's and other crap BE HONEST (ooppss they can't do that, not in their vocabulary

    • Loyalty cards are not the answer. I've heard that tired phrase too often "Everyone else is doing it" I thought we were all taught not to give in to peer pressure back in high school. Loyalty cards actually alienate some of our customers. They don't need or want to have to carry another piece of plastic just so they can get a discount. Customers have actually complained to me about our competitor's loyalty card programs. I have been proud to say: "we don't make you join a club to get our discounts." Also when you make the loyalty card a check cashing card you give the bad check cashers twice as much time to write bad checks on us. As soon as they discover their loyalty card doesn't work anymore they simply start using a driver's licsense. When that's blocked, oops I lost my loyalty card sign me up for another one. Now math time:Take any increase in sales that really is generated by the implementation of a card program; minus the customers who don't have/want to carry a loyalty card(or might be potential customers) and put off at the idea; then subtract the money lost on bad checks that we will never collect on. The total I'm sure you will find is a net loss that we can't afford.


    • Penn Traffic will only enjoy the increase year over year increase for one year, since next year they will be going up against this years sales numbers with the Wild Card. The Wild Card is good for the stores since we realize the full price ring (good for sales budgets and more hours to schedule)and we can actually SEE our credit each week. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of GM that is billed out at sale retail with scan-down credit, which is nearly impossible to track. We also still have the "Bear Minimum" sale items, which are SUPPOSED to be billed out at the Bear Minimum price. Sometimes it isn't, and the store loses.
      You have to be an accountant to run our stores!!!

    • it is a cluter fuck, they are a bunch of fuckups, parden my french.

      look what they did to big bear, bought in 1988.

      we had money in the bank, we were NO. 1
      in the state, kroger couldnt keep up with us.
      in just 10years Pen Traffic ruined Big Bear, sold off all the property, i still cant believe the fuckers sold the Farm.

      Big Bear will never regain its glory, the Name will for ever be tranished, sorry to say.

      and they didnt just ruin Big Bear, but all Pen Traffic, Prior to Gary, was profitable, and look at it now,

      i am looking to a job!

    • Meijer, dose not have a card, how ever they will match All Competer ad prices, as dose Big Bear now,

      meijer is doing the best thing right now, there saying you dont need a Wild card or what ever to get sale prices with us, we'll just give it to card or not. thats what the Penn Traffic should have done... most people in this town, hate that card, Krogers, Giants Eagle, & bigbear they dont like having to have a card to get somthing on sale, and Meijer is exploiting this.

    • Lets say last year had A $1.00 item on sales for 50 cents. You have sales of 50 cents if you sell one, and a sales markdown of 50 cents.

      This year you have it on sale (same item) for 50 cents with a card. Now you ring up one dollar and then take it off the bill as a cash item at the bottom and peheps treat its as a merkdown somehow on the backside.

      So you now have a phoney 50 cent increase in sales. Seem very devious, but vlever to me and I congratulate ole MMMMMAAAARRRTY.

      Is that what they are doing? I do not care "who" else is doing it, is PNFT doing this at Big Bear?

    • Because it is not a sales increase and would not be recocognized as a sales increase by standard accounting practices.

      If they all have cards is "OK" with me, but I simply ask "how" are they repoting the sales. I do not think it is out of line to ask, especially since PNFT has been warned about their accounting practices before.

      What they are doing will not affect the bottom line, but it will affect what they are telling the street about sales increases if in fact there are none. how are they doing it?

    • How is are the sales on the Big Bear card itmes handled? I know it is rung up at the register at regular price then deducted at the bottom of the tape.

      Are the recorded "sales" at the register then have a deduction somewhere to subtract the savings from the card? Or do they just count the sales all at the regular price (looks good on the books!) and then put the amount the card reduces sales somewhere elsoe, say in a " promotional" category? My question is, does the card inflate their reported sales?

      I can find very few Big Bear managers who say their sales are up, and those that do say sales are only up very little. Most of them are saying that they are taking big hits from the competitors. ole MMMMMAAAARRRRRTTTTYYYY back to his old tricks of cooking the books?(just a littte mind you)

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      • I've also wondered about the sudden switch to
        buy one get two free. Are those counted as 3 sales? At first, when customers complained that they didn't need that much of a product, they would let them have 1 or 2 at the sale price, but then that changed and they had to
        get 3 of something.

        Then there were the little stuffed bears that they ended up giving away (hundreds and hundreds of them) but rang them up with a wild
        card at 4.99 each and then took 4.99 off.