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  • rwcva rwcva Sep 1, 1998 11:54 AM Flag

    Early reports show Back to school weak

    Lots of traffic at the stores...BUT

    the fashion look of khakis and t's the
    "ticket" is down.

    No sweaters or jackets are hot
    right now...

    SO the average customer is spending

    Do your homework, visit a store...look at
    cheap stuff sell. Not that much over $30 on
    racks this year.

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    • Banana Republic is simply a logical and dressed
      up version of the Gap. I live in NYC, where tailored
      clothing in neutral colors is very popular with people of
      all sexual preferences. I see nothing androgynous
      about dressing in understated elegance. Haven't you
      ever heard of the "little black dress?" No, I suppose

      I find your comments narrow-minded at
      best. "Impressionable teenagers want nothing to do with
      Are you referring to your niece and nephew? That's
      hardly a consensus.

      Even if your rather silly
      premise is true, it's a fact that as a group, gays have a
      rather healthy disposable income.

      Their dollars
      look mighty green to me.

    • My last post was to say that August Sales figures
      would be fine... "Gap (GPS - news) reported a 9 percent
      increase in sales in August vs. a
      year ago at stores
      open at least a year, called same-store sales. Wall

      Street had expected Gap to report a 3 percent same-store
      sales rise."

      Here to say that although only a
      few days in to Sept. so far so good...

      See ya
      in the 60's if we don't split...

    • I'm sure your wife will love them.
      Don't forget the fishnet stockings.

    • I'm sure your wife will love them.

    • I don't mind if you call me bigoted.

      don't believe in the current politically correct

      tendency to avoid what might offend some people.

      write it as I see it.

      And if I throw remarks one
      way...well then I deserve
      your comments back. I thank you
      for them.

      I referring to the clothing colors
      at Bannana Republic
      for women meant the
      adrongonous look that Frazier
      so well portrayed (and
      spooffed)in role of Lilith.
      Clothing for what Rush
      Limbaugh would label as
      We all have our
      mind set on what we like women to

      Diversion is part of our culture....I don't like every part

      of it....and now you realize...neither do you.

    • think they're making a point by posting in all-caps.

    • nor a medium for crash courses in political
      correctness. Thou dost protesteth too much - e.e. (a quote
      from my favorite poet). Lighten up a little more mr.
      Cummings. Your posts to this board when confined to the
      business of gap are pervasive - though far from always

    • This is the internet. Not a tea party.

    • I was really disappointed to see your response to
      this. I think you are reading too much into the post. I
      don't read it as being bigoted. If you don't agree with
      his comments so be it, but lets not be so quick to
      label someone a "bigot" - you know, it is just as bad a
      stereotype as labeling someone a "homo". Let's stick to


    • You evidently misunderstood my post. Of course,
      "merely mentioning that gays shop somewhere is not
      bigoted". But if you carefully read Aliasinvestor's post
      you'll see that he goes way beyond that. His message is
      pervaded by negative stereotyping and is, in my view,
      bigoted by any reasonable definition. Look at the
      sentiments expressed: It's "whispered" that they cater to
      gays. If gays shop there I want nothing to do with it.
      Women who wear black and tan clothes look like

      Gays are no more a target for BR than
      heterosexuals are; in fact, you could say the latter is more of
      a target because it is a much larger group. I know
      a number of BR managers and can tell you that while
      they know their customer well, whether that customer
      is gay or straight is irrelevant.

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