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  • jtpwatts jtpwatts Jul 28, 1999 1:08 AM Flag

    Greenspan wants to kill GPS & all retai

    ....lers!!! so be ready for the next increase in
    interest rates which will definitely send GPS to about $35
    a piece (for a more reasonable 35 P/E based on
    12-month trailing EPS).

    Sad but true, GPS is a
    great company but one that Greenspan hates because it
    heats up the economy putting pressure on inflation.
    Same fate as GPS will suffered others such as WalMart,
    Abercrombie, etc ect etc

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    • Sorry, did someone give you the idea this is a
      place for stream of consciousness? I feel like I'm
      inside your head, hearing every thought, it's scary in

      I don't think you're going to see too many people
      wearing the vests, yet. Merchandise discounted a week or
      two after it's displayed? Not likely. You're probably
      vilified because you make statements like that

      I doubt that you are a short, however -- you sound
      too young to be playing the stock market. I suspected
      it after I read that post of yours tonight and then
      I saw this.

      Good luck to the longs.

    • Interest rate

      Thanks bear for thoughtfull postings. Hey at least this
      slide didn't happen in one day, like BKE, eh?

    • GAP to buy some jeans. When I walked in I saw on
      three different tables and on the wall racks their
      "Boot Cut" jeans. Without picking one up first, I
      really liked the colors, specially the sand-blast one.
      Since I wear boots almost all of the time I was really
      excited about buying a couple of pairs. The horrow when I
      picked one up and unfolded it. Who did they use for the
      fucking pattern, Sasquash! Those weren't boot cut, they
      were bell bottoms. They were freaking wide as shit. I
      wear a size 10 and the damn bottom covered 3/4 of my
      foot, with boots!!!! I can honestly say that I checked
      to see if any of these "boot-cut" jeans were being
      purchased, and I saw no takers. Now, the store was packed
      and there was a lot of buying, but definitely not for
      the Big-Tex boot cut jeans.

      What a joke.

    • Wel, in my area, Orlando, Fla., GAP was rocking all weekend with back to school buying. Lines were long to check out, and not a lot was on sale. Not long or short here, just thinking!

    • My daughters (1 teen and 2 pre-teen) absolutely
      had to have the new Gap vests...more acurately the
      Old Navy Tech-Vests. While BTS shopping last weekend
      we saw the Gap stores busy and Old Navy was a
      madhouse. This company knows what it is doing when it comes
      to marketing, and I predict these ugly vests will be
      a huge hit...they already are on this coast.

    • I cannot seem to access this article by J. Cramer. Anyone care to share the information-was it negative on the GAP?
      Thank you.

    • Unless the dog can bite her in the ass!

    • During the last two weeks, Gap had a 30% off
      sale. Its stock moved from $ 52 to $ 37. Still looking
      for $ 35 per share. So the clones in Socal are buying
      vests. How many did you buy for your son? Saw the "All
      over my body" commercial, its OK. Not as good as the
      swing dancers spots (the dancers were better looking),
      but better than the pathetic Old Navy commercials.
      Ditch the old, blonde lady. By the way, I looked at the
      max chart on Yahoo for Gap. It appears to have three
      periods: 1988-90 (Gap moves from $ .50 to $ 5), 1990-96
      (Gap the market performer moves from $5 to $7.50 and
      1996-99 (Gap goes from $ 7.5 to $ 52). Are we entering
      another period of average growth for the Gap? Good Luck.

    • This stock is priced so low right now I had to
      pick up some more this morning.

      I went out
      shopping for school clothes for my son, and had the same
      experience as others....very long lines at Old Navy & GAP.
      Also just saw the new GAP commercial (vests) this
      weekend, everyone can believe what they want about the
      heat in the east and the success of vests...but the
      teens in So. Calif (where we are having great weather
      right now)are buying like hotcakes! You are short
      sighted if you think this Company doesn't set the trends
      for GenX and GenY. I doubt you will see the price
      this low again.

    • Nice message and well put!!

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