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  • retiredcsx retiredcsx May 9, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    Sold 1/3

    Market correction coming soon. Old saying sell in May and go away.....might come true.
    Hope to " buy back at cheaper price". This could blowup in my face, but I promised I would advise if
    I sold any......and I sold 1/3rd of position.

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    • marathonrunnnerinvestor marathonrunnnerinvestor Jun 25, 2013 12:07 AM Flag

      I bought my 500 shares at $27 per share, still holding strong. As you can tell, I am STRONG believer!

    • Here comes that correction. June 24th at 10:06 stock hit $22.77 and apprears to be dropping more.

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      • Look at the rest of the market. This isn't just about CSX. Last week DOW was over !5,000 this morning 14,500. Down over 200 just this morning. It's just going with the flow. Institutions selling then they'll repurchase after it bottoms out. That's why this is my last round with the market. Still have a few years left under my plans.

    • Good luck to you, retiredcsx... I'm sure you'll have a good dip to get back in when the time is right. I sold most of my shares, but still have some tucked away in the 401K. I still visit the board to watch the shorts do their doom and gloom dance.

    • And if it's in a tax deferred account, Uncle Sam will have to wait until you withdraw the money, otherwise Uncle Sam says thank-you!

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      • My trades are in tax deferred self directed IRA and each trade cost under $10. Every stock I own pays a dividend and every trade I make is to grow share count to continue growing quarterly dividend check, where dividend check can be used if cash is needed....or when market turns down,
        I never have to sell shares and never have to wait more than 3 months for more available cash if needed. "" Every quarter"" even through recession, thanks to dividends, my dividend check increased, and even more with companies raising dividend payout......
        I stopped adding money to my 401k (IRA today)....since 2006, the dividends take care of that!
        The difficult part was to achieve my goal......own enough shares to live off dividend, if needed !
        If any company I own stops paying divvy, or stops raising divvy... I will sell asap !
        I still stay in CSX simply because growth potential for decades looks good divvy.
        Can you see me smiling ?

        Now is not time to's a super good time to add shares. You have to buy to make money !
        Only your actions will govern your financial future

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