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  • retiredcsx retiredcsx Dec 29, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Why $30 soon ?

    Stock at 27.27 when I said will break $30 when CSX reports 4pm Jan 15th, prior to any
    upgrades, Fed taper, and Congress on debt ? I hate predictions because so many
    things could change, but most have been pretty accurate. It's based on 2 things as follows:
    CSX will beat street, Analyst estimates, of .42 due to total volume traffic growth of 5.7%
    and the pps will move up. Above this actions and much more important will be the
    details, CSX said they would give move guidance on, about the NEW ENERGY ENVIORNMENT
    (NEV) and why in the last 2 years they lost $750 Million in coal shipments, due to $2 NG,
    today they are excited because NEV, might be move profitable for CSX than the coal loss !
    If analyst can remove the coal out of their ears, and just listen, expect positive forward guidance

    I hope they speak more about the UTICA fractionator located on CSX, and about the possible
    change in US law.....and start exporting oil......I think this will happen shortly ! Why ?

    The Leaders of Oil and Gas conference on Nov 16th made some interesting comments:
    The Bakken fractionator production growth today is up to 100 million barrels per day !!
    This exceeds US refineries needs today, and some need to make changes from
    heavy opec oil, to the light sweet crude.

    The US will pass Russia as leading Oil and Gas producer this year and will pass
    Saudi Arabia in 2014 and it is predicted that the shale oil continuous growth will give
    the US total oil independence by 2020.
    15% of technically recoverable shale gas, and 17% of technically recoverable
    shale oil resources "globally" are located in the US.
    That makes me wonder "how much" in the UTICA shale l

    Skip Horvath, Natural Gas Supply Association predicts that NG will hit $6.00 by 2020
    "assuming Washington leave us alone over the next few years".
    If Washington does not ok export oil.....the companies will have to stop production growth !

    Guess what Skip.....Washington not interfere....nothing wrong with dreaming.

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    • You seems too bullish this time again. Prior to 3/1 split you were so bullish pumping CSX to a PE of 19, only ended up with a huge drop from 27 to 18+ over a period of less than one year.

    • Yes I agree with the OP. Purchased 2800 shares of CSX. I think it can easily approach $50-60 a share sometime in 2015 IF their intermodal and other traffic projections hold out. Work to bring down operating ratio is a good plan as well. Good buy now though as it is way undervalued, IMHO.

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    • unclelarry..... I found article called...... Shell extend option on Pa. site for "cracker plant" dated
      12-26-13 that explains most of what I previously was unable to post. google; cracker plant.
      This article explains why the many thousand gas wells in Pa, Ohio, W Va will use the cracker !

      I also found another article where several of the large NG companies like MarkWest energy
      partners and Antero Resources with 3 plants in Sherwood Complex, WVA, soon 4 plants will
      send their gas to this cracker plant also. This new Shell cracker is in the center of the Utica
      shale which has the more desired "wet gas" and is also for the Marcellus shale gas, and
      is located 35 miles North of Pittsburg, Pa and served by CSX.

      This is a huge money maker for CSX with the sand, chemicals for oil extraction,
      and moving the final products to east market....and export.
      This is why I hope, CSX explains more in Q4, earnings conference, 830am Jan 16th.
      If they do it should move the pps based on forward outlook...up
      The main reason I think stock is about to break $30....the forward expectation on earnings

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    • Retired -
      Was anything said about the Utica shale underlying the Marcellus shale? Also, when you say Utica, I think more of the potential of New York state, which is still not a large producer of shale gas or oil. The area in New York state that looks the ripest for drilling is the area called "The Southern Tier" which is now served by NS, several G & W lines and the Western New York & Pennsylvania RR, which is owned by the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville RR, which in turn is privately held.
      CSX is in a better position in the Erie, PA to Cleveland. OH region to get traffic.

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      • unclelarry....I hope you are well soon....and Happy New Year
        I spent over an hour and typed up some info ..... hit post....and
        it would not post ..... reason unknown... I will see if this post then
        try again time permitting later to redo the info. Short answer no
        on first question......the short story is all wells gas must be filtered
        thru a craker be ready to use.....Marcellus gas will also
        be sent to this plant outside of Pittsburg, pa. finished product by
        rail, truck or boat to market. I know little about the whole deal

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    • nobleonetoo Dec 29, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

      retired CSX Old Chappie - As usual you are a a wealth of knowledge!. You read everything you can get your hands on and then take the time to share with us. I personally am very contented with whats happening to CXS - believe management working diligently certainly to procure shipments to replace lost coal revenue.
      Happy New Year to you and all our fellow investors, or if I may add a wonderful greeting from my family in
      Scotland - 'Lang may your lum reek' With that and the centuries old tradition of someone being the 'first footer' as the New Year begins -what more do we need? Guid New Year to all - may happiness, good health and ability to follow and enjoy the market - be your constant companions! Cheers!

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • nobel ...Happy New Year to you and all investors. Your reply helps to allow me to continue posting.
        To answer previous about stop posting....I might not have a choice. Family to me is number 1, and
        helping other investors 2. My spouse (the big boss) complains about my time researching and
        when she saw me posting on this board....her comment; you waste more of your time to do that ?
        Why....most people don't comment about what you just wrote, tell them do their own research.
        oooohhhh kkkkkkk darling. Now while she has gone shopping, I will try to answer unclelarry.
        I wish you the best.

      • Noble - be careful to exercise your legs on the flight over and the flight back. I suffered a pulmonary embolism earlier in December because of blood clots in my leg coming back on a 10 hr flight my motherland, the Netherlands, and am still recovering.

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