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  • fivexshot fivexshot May 29, 2003 2:54 AM Flag

    OT: Hey Stano...

    Re: CPN's options...
    I am accumulating the stock right now. I'm wondering:

    1) Since it is options playable... If it is the kind of company that you find attractive to buy options on? If yes, why? If no, why?

    2) What is the "smartest" or "safest" way to play options on that one from your experienced standpoint? Also, what would your specific time/price objective be?

    I'm very curious to see your option trading approach thru "your" eyes Stan. I read each and every one of your posts on the WDC thread. If I can get the basic understanding down then I think I can crack the safe on what in the heck you guys are talking about over there. Your $10.40 buy-back was impressive, but I don't see what you gained from the option buying and selling. Please forgive my ignorance.

    Also, Stano...
    Careful of the playas on that thread. I've got a few of those possible "house-employees" on ignore.

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    • Just back from fly fishing will respond tonight...Great questions and I am laughing a bit...It is good you know the WDC chart so well for my response...Stano

      • 1 Reply to stan91724
      • Stano...

        Good on you mate!
        I hope you bagged plenty of trout.
        Rainbow? Brown...? Let's hear the story. Nothing beats a good trout dinner with tartar sauce & boiled potatoes. Colorado here I come!

        Stan, while you were gone, California issued a power alert. There are serious power grid concerns across the country this year. I am very interested in CPN's options, and how you would play it. I am already in the stock, and accumulating it on any and all weaknesses. Hydro-electric power generation should be down because of the heat-wave. This summer is going to be rough across the country, as I suspect you're already feeling it out your way.

        I am very bullish on CPN and JSDA, all the way into the winter months when revenues will be tallied. The hotter it gets the more demand for power and refreshingly delicious specialty-drinks.

        Gawd, what a great market scenario!

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