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  • stan91724 stan91724 Jun 3, 2003 2:36 AM Flag

    OT: Hey Stano...

    The first thing we need to do with ya Mr. shots is define "options"...You can buy calls or buy puts at a prescribed premium...You can sell calls or sell puts at a prescribed premium...You can co a combination of both if so desired and play volitility which you would need a great amount of to make money on a straddle...Or you could sell resistance on a number of positions on your overall port for a little downside protection like I do and let time do it's work...85% of options expire worthless...85%...Ok ok...Cpn...The first thing about writing resistance would be to have a firm grasp of the stock or want a risk adjusted entry point...So tell me where you think CPN WILL BE IN 3 MONTHES and why and I can help you lay out a strategy and give you my thinking on how and why I would write a certain strike...Think about what I am telling you and also think about WDc once again as to why my profit was in the bag and yours was not in response to your not understanding how I made money on the last two WDC options trades...Also think about how the entire time how I had downside protection and you were fully exposed to the mkt risk...A risk that I did not assume as I am very conservative...Think about it...And think about it some more...Btw WDC is not really the best example and this would be a long discussion, but we will use it as it is fresh in your mind...Have you read anything about options yet???Lotsa books out there Shots...You need to understand the mechanics first...Tell me where you see CPN over the next 3 monthes and I can elaborate...Stano

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