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  • tradng101 tradng101 Nov 15, 2005 9:30 AM Flag

    Coming back for more cttyc...

    but be very careful...this is peer momo play...

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    • looks like will drop again

    • Kramac, nice pick! CMED is going wild at the pre-market.

    • By the appearance of yesterday's trading, VPHM may have bottomed out on the recent consolidation. Premarket looks good this morning.

      I have a trailing stop placed on my $16.45 lot, but my $19.78 lot I am holding, at least until I average well between the two.

    • HOKU looks intersting

      Well I picked up more CTTYC because it is changing back to CTTY any day now (November filings done). People do not like buying shaky stocks, basically CTTYC got the C because it was in danger of not complying to nasdaq. Now that is not an issue anymore, therefore once it becomes CTTY I expect people to buy into it again, since this will be construed as good news. With teh low float, the upward potenital is very significant. At the $6 current price, the downward potential is negligible. Its hard to time and trade this one, cuz the bid ask spread is SO huge. Id rather have my shares, and when the price unexpectadly surges I dont have to start chasing. In fact Ive already places my sell order at $10. I dont even bother with a stop loss on this one cuz the swings are so extreme. also I am amazed how many times i can sell CTTYC at ABOVE the asking ask price! Just put in an order and anythign can happen with CTTYC!

    • Constantine...what make you go back for more on cttyc...I picked up some shares on has been drop 5+ consecutive days...The good news here is that Fidelity firm buy at 9+. I think you should pick up some here.

    • After this filing and dropping the "C" and going back to CTTY, I think we can expect a little surge


      Earlier this month Catuity said it raised $5.29 million in capital and closed its acquisition of Australian firm Loyalty Magic Pty Ltd., putting it back into compliance with Nasdaq's listing standards. The stock will continue to trade under the ticker symbol "CTTYC" until its quarterly filing in November, and then will revert to "CTTY."

      The company also announced Wednesday that it raised more than $2 million through the private placement of 270,000 shares with five institutional investors, bringing the number of total outstanding shares to just under 2.1 million.

    • What a crazy stock!

      The bid ask spread is insane for a sub 10$ stock! Bid ask spread currently over $2!!!!

      Its like one person puts in a market order, and it drops $1! And then the opposite happens. Its quite something. Really small float and low volume. All it taks is one PR on ANYTHING and its off to the races. Its a very finicky stock. But if you canstomach it and hold for regular weekly PRs youll do well

    • Hi yes Im in VPHM still... losened up the stop loss a bit, to avoid fluctuations. Not in profit yet but close.

      MMUS looks good. Bought under 8 , its one of those that goes up and down fast in a range (low float). $10 is good sell.

      Also picked up some CTTYC. That ones interesting... you can basically place order below bid, and you will get filled! Then you can even sell at teh bid and make money! Its a weird one!

    • Good to have you back...Short ckcm...ckcm been going up since ER's announced. Vphm is the stock is on the watch right now...we predicted to be around 15s and it did this morning... a little gain right now...I think it will go down again... it's going to test at least one more time before head back to 20s. Here are the great stocks are on the watch list but you can analyze when you have some time...IRBT,OXPS,CMED,SWN,TXU,and LMIA

    • Of course you all remember august, after good earning was very big drop from 13.39 till 9.74. Yeah i think too, it can goes under 15, but no doubt will be nice rebound. It can cross at least 20 before december 05, next epiration day for options. Usually it works here.
      Can be wrong.

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