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  • bs572 bs572 Apr 14, 2005 10:35 PM Flag

    This Is Exactly How Niko Got Started...

    Oracle: The locals are extremely bullish as they are close to the action viz Faxes, Calls and Supplies emanating from the Drilling On site project Office.

    The secondary market claims mystics who have ESP powers are being used to evaluate the extent of the holding resevoir cavity using Long wave resonance between 2 observers.

    The local press in India claims that they have the worlds largest HydroCarbon deposits even bigger than the Saudis. Foreign firms are pouring in trying to get on the Band wagon. The Indian Govt is hoping thats its Petro Industry will now overtake the Outsourcing Software Sector and then overtake the Exxons just as its Outsourcing Industry destroyed our Service sector.

    As usual do your dd and remember Indians are big on Gas.!