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  • yogalad_returns yogalad_returns Dec 22, 2005 10:02 PM Flag

    Xmas Meeting for Narcissists Anonymous

    (A 12-step where there's no problem getting people to take the floor . . . it's getting it back!)

    Hi my name is _________, and I'm a full-blown narcissistic GGR enthusiast. I am utterly enamored of my own perspicacity and ability to process messageboard rumors then regurgitate them as my own analysis. I promise you I will believe in the wisdom of my choice come hell or high water. If the stock goes up that merely confirms what I knew long before the rest of you schlubs figured it out. If it goes down then you can be sure that it is the result of a conspiracy hatched by nefarious shorts, unscrupulous MM's, and other shadowy actors trying to panic and deprive honest longs of their hard-bought shares. How do I know this? Because my analysis is infallible and I am simply the brightest around. I will not sell a single share of my stock and take a profit. That would be a sign of weakness, that I don't have absolute faith in my decisions which au contraire I very much do! If presented with negative information about the company or its purported find I will avert my eyes knowing full well it's merely a lie concocted by the aforementioned dark actors.

    Thank you for allowing me to stand upon this soapbox and regale you with my freely given pearls of wisdom oh lucky reader! But this is a community here. To the extent you reflect my glory back you count too. So let us bathe in each other's joyous tidings of good GGR cheer this holiday season. Let us not worry ourselves of getting taken by corrupt Indian officials who for profit or political agenda might want to set sugarplum fairies dancing in our heads. And most importantly let us not break ranks, speak of profit-taking or such things to cause newcomers to hesitate in bidding up the shares we own.

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