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  • oneupws oneupws Jan 25, 2006 7:17 PM Flag

    Logic is flawed fly spec mole man

    Why would anyone want to spend good money to exercise warrants at 9 just to sell them at maybe 11? Like 22 measly percent? Especially since their investment has been at risk since the private placement. Jeez. GGR is up 29% since the Jeffries bottom at 8.49. In what 2 weeks.

    Even the $6.50 stock from the private placement. There are many on this board who have $6.50 or lower cost stock and have not sold squat and probably have bought even more,

    Funny I have not seen any insiders sell anymore stock since December 2005. They have had 3+ weeks to sell at anywhere from 8.49 to 12+. They are all aware of the warrants., etc. etc. etc. Anyway they could sell what they want to in private transactions, say to Mutual funds and other institutions. I sure would like to own some of those warrants! Especially when GGR is like $40.

    Anyway, does this mean another trading market can now develop for resale of the warrants? Maybe on the pink sheets? Warningseason what say you?

    Moles, grubs, termites, slugs all seem to come out of there holes at times like this. Call the Orkin Man!

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