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  • bambusario bambusario Jan 26, 2006 9:09 PM Flag


    <reliable sources say>
    Carla, GGR IR, stated clearly, about three weeks ago, when she said TD had been delayed again, that JPR was enroute to India for a two month stay. She also stated that the most recent two week delay would set back bid packages issued to majors until Feb15th, (two weeks) which would give GGR/GSPC time to make proper presentation. That was when new TD was called for BY THE END OF THE MONTH which is next Tuesday. GGR IR still stands behind this, as of a few days ago. She also stated that pressure and temperature were similar to KG8.
    and that The Black Dog was drilling very slowly, just as it did before completion of KG8. With that said, there is only a two week lag between TD and bid package going to majors. Old time drillers who monitor this board can tell us what can be, or has already been, accomplished as far as that time frame. Rumors from India to proxies here will continue to the force that moves shares until official announcement from GSPC/GGR. It can be assumed that there will be an announcement concerning TD by next Tues, or sooner. Following that, when the packages go out to Majors, on or about the 15th of Feb., another more detailed announcement. After that, in the next "whenever" a GSPC partnership announcement concerning it's new major suitor. In the distant future, six months for the Black Dog to do it all over again, and finally in the fall, the arrival of the Atwood Beacon. It would be great good fortune for the new major partner to have a third rig on site before the Atwood Beacon arrives. All of the above gleaned from GGR via this msg bd.
    Best Regards, Bambusario.

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    • sharp eyes tarragon, thanks

    • Given the shortage of rigs, everyone should be prepared for the unexpected. Hopefully Modi will exert his will with Atwood like he does with Shell.

      <<When GSPC contracted at the $113k-133k rate, it seemed awful high, but now it's starting to look like a bargain.>> T61 - Isn't that the truth. Another smart move by the GSPC group.

    • <<Old news.>>

      There is nothing for pumpers to pump about this stock, so they have to pump on something irrelevant.

      And pumpers here are starting to pump others stocks, so any dumb longs still think these pumpers are friends will be making a big mistake.

    • <<Old news.>>

    • << Old news. >>

      Discussion had arisen again, Meno, because some are still expecting the Atwood Beacon to be there by May/June (and this is still the last word from GGR, though from quite some time ago). It had been posted earlier this evening that it might even get there later, as it might be extended another 2 holes in Vietnam. Hopefully GSPC as operator, and contractor of the Atwood, will keep them on the original delivery schedule, and not allow extensions in Vietnam and consequently further delays.

    • Old news.

    • << which could extend into the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2006. >>

      Atwood's fiscal year 2006 ends on 9/30/06, so this statement implies the Atwood Beacon could be held into July/August, 2006 in Vietnam. (not the Oct./Nov. I was first reading/thinking, and worried about).

    • Bambu-reliable sources say you are more than likely pretty right on with your forecast except the Atwood Beacon should be there in late May or more likely June after a retrofitting and tuneup in Indonesia or something like that to add on some leg extensions methinks. That's why yours truly said earlier big chunks of new information in a reasonable time should be coming our way. Methinks they are already where the want to be and and are thouroughly looking at the lay of the land or the bottom of the hole one might say in order to determine what they may have really found down there in wholly behemoth mammoth land. The Old Dog is under a lot pressure and is sweating bullets becuase he is so dog gone hot. hehe. IMO

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      • << except the Atwood Beacon should be there in late May or more likely June after a retrofitting and tuneup in Indonesia or something like that to add on some leg extensions >>

        This is one future event still needing clarification/reconfirmation. The last GGR IR said mid-year, though the Atwood website says it will be in Vietnam till June. As you stated, OneUpWS, it is to be towed to Singapore, and another set of legs added, then towed into place in KG. The whole process has been projected as 3 months once it leaves Vietnam.


        JPR in India? As if that's going to help the share price. The guy reinvented himself and sent to the subcontinent 10 years ago, tried to reshape the drug industry, and damned if I can see any impact.

        You doubt it? Do the research like I did; see

        Alam, Ghayur �Impact of the prepared changes in JPR on India�s pharmaceutical Industry� prepared for Indian Council for Research on International Economic relations and United Nations Development Programme, 1996.

        You want Gold Medal research over the long run?
        That's Frank Shorter.

        John Pectin: you're frozen out.
        Guacamole: soup is getting cold.

        Frank Shorter is on the podium, the flag is waiving, the crowd is cheering, and the Wheaties representative is holding a contract and pen.