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  • whack_moles whack_moles Jan 27, 2006 6:14 PM Flag

    strange trading....eom

    <<Mole boy is that you?>>
    No, ddstutyandread is not mine.

    In case you have not noticed yet, I have been using this one single ID to do all my postings.
    Unlike other longs here who like to use multiple IDs, I feel one ID is good enough.

    I can post as many posts as I want to with just one ID.

    <<Best hold on to your shorts though, you have to cover later at an even higher price.>>

    I AM holding onto my short positions. As I said, this stock most likely will not enter oversold zone until it tanks below the $8.5 low that was set after last gap down tanking.

    That will trigger a lot of stop loss selling, and I probably will cover after that.