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  • woodnstream woodnstream Jan 31, 2006 10:18 AM Flag

    India's future

    India's strong national self-interest is the most effective exploitation of its energy natural resources. It would never take advantage of a firm like GGR, with its top geologist JP Roy, to gain a little edge in ownership of a resource. What is most valuable to India is the support and cooperation of people like Mr. Roy, who will in the long run contribute greatly to India's prosperity. The bashers' use of arcane contract limitations from SEC boilerpate statements is pointless - India's conduct in this matter will be governed by its national self-interest (which favors the success of GGR) and not by fine print in a contract.


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    • This morning in the Globe & Mail there is an article with the headline "India not eyeing oil sands". "Our piece in India's jigsaw puzzle is us investing in them, not them investing in us".
      PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is a co-sponsor of a global energy conference taking place tonight in Calgary. The speakers include Alberta Premier Ralph Kline, Enbridge Inc. chief executive officer Patrick Daniel and Indian Oil and Gas Minister MANI SHANKAR AIYAR!


    • Woody: I totally agree with you on this. In a demonstration of this spirit, the Indian Petroleum Ministry has previously included successful Oil & Gas E&P companies in their NELP International License Round Promotional Meetings.

      This year's pre-NELP VI meetings are just now beginning, with formal NELP-VI meetings to take place in March, likely to include India's newly appointed Petroleum Minister Deora.

      In past years energy juniors Niko Resources and Cairn Energy joined energy giants such as BG, Reliance Industries and others for these high profile international roadshows.

      I would not be surprised if the Indian DGH and the Petroleum Ministry invited JPR of GGR, and perhaps also D.J. Pandian and/or Maz Farouki of GSPC, to join them in this year's roadshow.

      We should soon find out.


    • India's future is good for sure, but not this penny stock GGR.

      This is just an oil company wanna be.
      India is not depending on GGR at all.
      There are other real oil companies getting real oil.

    • Woody, been waiting for you to post. You want another bio company, try DOR.