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  • tarragon61 tarragon61 Mar 29, 2006 4:09 PM Flag

    Shorts Working Hard Today, too

    Seemed to be trying to push it down all day, especially at the end. Wonder what will print AH?

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    • Yeah yeah, you've said that about 100 times on the DOR board under about 10 different names yet you still manage to know what I'm talking about.

      I'll make you a deal TP. I'm going to be in Miami April 20 thru 24. How bout you meet me in front of the DOR HQ one of those days (any day would be fine). I truly would like to 'apologize' to you 'in person' for what you said about my mother a couple weeks ago. How 'bout it? You 'live' down that way, don't you?

      Or are ya spineless?

    • All he is going to do is bother every single person on this board and accuse me of being them...Now that Dor will not have a message board, I believe he will have nothing else to do but stalk me, why, because he needs medical help in a serious way....Just put him on ignore because he can get very annoying......

    • Heh, heh. I have an Epimenides paradox-kind of inability to comment: could we trust a moron to respond? (or do we rely on the other great philosophical insight: "takes one to know one"?)

      Serious philo? Serious and not serious. Less at college than for fun since. Have read little and understood less.

      And smoked even less pot: not my cup of tea.

    • This is the last reply you'll get from me unless you post something substantive.

      First, one what? Top prof alias? I don't know whether that's actually neutral, an insult to him, or a slight to me (although I might guess your take). I have one yahoo id for posting to boards. I suspect that the same is not true for you.

      Please feel free to post any reference to a message I made on the DOR board in which I "pumped" DOR. I'd love to see it. On that board, why don't you ask fib if he considered me a pumper? He often did a nice job remaining objective about both the stock and fellow posters' attitudes. I traded (and once held) DOR for a substantial gain, a minor gain, and a wash two years ago, a substantial loss last year (nearly erasing my prior net --post-tax-and-cost-basis -- gains), and for a gain from the low .50s to the mid-.60s in late January this year. I can't expect you to believe this, since I haven't posted trades/positions in real time, but you asked.

      You may notice that I've not posted on the DOR board lately. There are two reasons for this: first, the "discussion" there is, by and large, reprehensible. Second, I've not had a long position in DOR, and even during the early-year runup, I didn't really lament having been mostly on the sideline, having been concerned about many of the company's financial prospects and -- as I suppose today's news shows -- listing issues (even if not concerned about Amex listing for DOR's long-term prospects, certainly so for short-term effect on pps). I'm still waiting on the sideline for my fears to be allayed and the pps of DOR to reach a reasonable entry position (although even .20 wouldn't be cheap unless I found one of my present concerns allayed).

      And I'm still way ahead on GGR. You may be able to locate posts I made on this board last summer and fall when I was adding in the 6s and 7s. I did not remark on adding to my position then, but you will be able to tell that my sentiment was long at that time. I took out some of my gains on the downgrade day (well below 52wk highs) and have added some lower.

      At the end of 2006, take 8.47 (the last of my GGR buys) and add whatever the S&P 500 % gain is for the year. If GGR is lower than that at year's end (and has not gone above 15 prior to then), feel free to e-mail me on 1/1/2007 to gloat over my folly. I'm not sure what would possess you to do so, but this is one sociopathic activity that will have my blessing. Otherwise, please leave me alone.

      For cluttering the board with this tripe, I apologize to longs, civilized people of all stripes, and those who hold particular loathing for miscreants.

    • duuude, sounds like you did some serious Philo at college.

      My question for you is; are we seeing the real morons or are we just looking at their shadows cast on a cave wall?

      Now pass the bong ;-)

    • Hey belacqua13shuah, are you one? I notice you here now. Do you still own your DOR that you used to pump over there? Did 'top_professor' get you into GGR AND DOR, or do you just have the same investment 'ideas'? ha hah

    • not wholly unlike the study of early childhood: tot-ology

      But then, one may use "pleonasm" for the rhetorical tautology, saving "tautology" for use with the logical sort, especially, you know, if one were a pedantic, prolix bore (to whom might that refer?).

    • << . . . rather a simulacrum of a microwave-reheated-leftovers of a carbon copy of a shadow of a Plato-on-mimesis-as-third-ontological-remove-from-the-truth-of-the-eidos-as-a-real-bed's-quidditas/bedness moron. But I suppose that makes me no less idiotic. >>

      Totally tautological . . . (in ValSpeak) toooo-tally!

    • Careful ts, heshe is a big bad short trader.

    • "I have no problem explaining to the #$%$s who call me a #$%$ who the real #$%$s are."

      Thanks, yoga, for effecting a Rummy flashback: ". . . there are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know."

      I, myself, am no real #$%$, but rather a simulacrum of a microwave-reheated-leftovers of a carbon copy of a shadow of a Plato-on-mimesis-as-third-ontological-remove-from-the-truth-of-the-eidos-as-a-real-bed's-quidditas/bedness #$%$. But I suppose that makes me no less idiotic.

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