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  • wellsite_rockhound wellsite_rockhound Jun 15, 2006 7:10 PM Flag

    Finding a major and what will they pay?

    One thing I wanted to add from the meeting, at one point JPR was asked a question which I honestly don't remember, but I do remember his answer.

    He laughed a bit, looked at the guys from GSPC and said, "Five years ago, no one would pay for possible reserves, however, I'm being told that now they will."

    GSPC has told us what they think, I guess it will depend on how convincing the data room will be. They still haven't released the impedance model on the upper zone which is very telling also.

    So BS572 and others, we'll likely see in the next couple of months how much "possible" they're willing to pay for.

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    • Read what your Gurus told you about GGR.

      Those smart Injuns inspired by their ability to tempt the Greedy and then apply the Vedic squeeze said "Short to 3.5" and those that did made a Fortune and U know were the money came from.

      I asked them about the morality of that. They said it was in strict compliance with the Tantric duty for Injuns to ensure the redistribution of wealth from the West to the East.