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  • top_professor top_professor Jul 21, 2008 10:56 AM Flag

    So far so good

    With over 130k so far, we are seeing a nice support, thought we would go lower after this run GGR had but someone is supporting this stock in the mid $3's, will be checking in with IR to find out if Mr.Kent is going to India this week, shareholders meeting next Tuesday, would be nice to get this done before hand, let's see if Management can come through.

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    • Island...With the asm next week I beleive we are all waiting to see what is in store for GGR. Historically, they have reiterated old news and then added "investor beware" comments at the end just in case some one was on the fence and thinking of buying in. For those of you that have traded this up and down, kudos to you.

    • No, I have no idea what this company does- nor do I care. I said from the beginning that this was a technical play. The fact that a technical breakout occured in the DOW and subsequently effected this stock was impossible to forsee. I am playing with the house's money with the remaining 25%, and you better believe I'll reshort the rest if it breaks 3.37 tomorrow.

      Listen, I'm not some insane shorting monster. I am currently holding 7 stocks overnight- the other six are long. I am just wondering why most of you didn't take the easy money today. If it breaks support tomorrow, join me- we'll all make money and you can buy back at a lower price. This thing could be at $2 in a few weeks. Keep your stops tight, lock in any longterm profits, and go on to the next horse.

      Love the company, not the stock!

    • Of course we do, do you even know what this company does,

      Dow jumped because oil dropped $4

      You sound very confused since your first post, cover your other 25% and use the the $50 you made to join a different website,

    • yes, it fell true to technical form, but it was like watching paint dry. Tomorrow should be interesting- you guys probably know better at this point what the price action will be like. I covered 75% of my position from yesterday- willing to wait and see with the remaining 25%. You longs are pretty stoic, though I think the late day DOW spike helped.

    • islandhypocrite

      If its all 'bout the charts, why did you reference the SEC filing? SEC filings fall under FA. If youre a devout chartist, then focus on the trading patterns & price history of stocks.

    • Of course the stock will go lower after going from the high $1's to mid $3's especially if you are looking at the history of this stock.

      It would be nice if GGR came out with a PR tomorrow stating that they have been invited to India to work out the final details of the CIA issue, that would go against technicals and you would lose money but you got lucky by picking a company that does not communicate with shareholders.

      Although you have two events that can happen any day now. Maybe you can get lucky and make .20-.30, not sure who shares you are going to use to cover but someone out there will take profit after almost a 100%, seemed that today someone was scooping up shares from profit takers but we might see a drop, just cover and move on, no need to post your kool aid smile and I told you so posts especially when you only have a few thousand shares at most, make a few hundred and move on.

      Trust me, no longs are going to sell after reading your posts.

    • Cool man! Please allow me to thank you in advance.

    • This is just a classic case of fundamentals vs. technicals. I could give a rip if THE COMPANY IS GOOD or not- tomorrow is all about the charts! I'll post AH tomorrow whether or not I'm right, but lately my CHART READING IS GOOD.

    • It is not the validity of the company at test here. It is the validity of naked short selling being able to help find the pps. The hydro-carbons are there, unlike some deliveries of shares.

      This board has already been tested. Go ahead, try to shake down shares from them. You'll find a lot, or lots really, missing when you finish the tally. This is a buy and hold board. And, it is ready to buy. Are you ready to sell? Please do; the board has your back. Because; THE COMPANY IS GOOD!

      More discounted shares please. Because; THE COMPANY IS GOOD!

      Snatching shares from beast's mouth without doing the shorting, eliminates limitless upside risk, especially with this stock. Because; THE COMPANY IS GOOD, whatever the share price is.

      Gas is explosive!

      Peace and Love,


    • First down day. This may rebound, but tomorrow a.m. won't be pretty- people have been waiting to short this one, and the recent news (filing at 5pm) didn't sound too good, though I can't understand most of it.

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