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  • islandminister islandminister Jul 21, 2008 6:02 PM Flag

    So far so good

    I've read Friday's PR, and from what I've seen of today's, it's basically giving the Friday PR tons of disclaimers. Like I said, I don't understand it- whether or not the other people on various pump and dump 'alerting' sites understand it is irrelevant- thay were simply waiting for the first down day. I doubt they care too much about the company's PR.

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    • I am guessing you spent your life savings to be part of the pump and dump 'alerting' sites.

      I always thought these one star posters wasted there time with there garbage about when shorting the market or when to buy but I guess it works on some people.

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      • Honestly- you didn't see these types of posts coming? This stock is under $5! Who else would touch it but people monitoring the 'alerting' sites?

        Like I said, there might be a rebound, but early am won't be pretty. If you've followed stocks under $5 (the pennies), you already know what happens after a big run-up and the first down day. It will test the validity of the company. If you're long and it's legit, you'll be fine! I'm just looking to day trade it. After tomorrow, you won't see me in here again unless this chart's history keeps repeating itself.

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