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  • slipperydevils slipperydevils Sep 24, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Swapping of MWP activities-I: DGH condones shortfall in 2D seismic survey in exchange for excess 3D seismic work

    Sept 24: Relinquishment of hydrocarbon blocks can be a tricky issue with so many intricacies involved. Though the DGH is usually averse to anything which deviates even a little from the PSC stipulated Minimum Work Programme (MWP), the operators do try their luck. In some cases they are lucky in others not.

    The DGH after going through the request of Jubilant Oil and Gas Pvt. Ltd. (JOGPL) while examining a propsoal for relinquishment of block CB-ONN-2002/2, has condoned the shortfall in 2D seismic survey as the operator in return for excess 3D seismic work.

    The regulator has given its approval for the swapping of excess 3D seismic work -- 161 SKM of 3D seismic along with 77 SKM of 3D seismic inversion -- as against the unfinished 190 LKM of 2D seismic reprocessing of vintage data from ONGC, reasoning that the 3-D Seismic API and 3-D seismic inversion will be technically superior in comparison with the reprocessing of 2D Seismic lines as that helps in achieving better resolution of sub surface geology.

    Further, the DGH has said that such swapping, in ratios ranging from 3 to 10, under similar proposals, has been previously approved by the ministry in various Pre-NELP and NELP Blocks.

    Earlier, JOGPL had expressed a desire to fully relinquish the block area as per article 3.5 of the PSC, without entering into phase-II of the exploration phase citing lack of prospects. The relinquishment has now been okayed with the swapping of data.

    The CB-ONN-2002/2 block was awarded to a consortium of (JOGPL) (30% stake and operatorship), Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (60% stake) and GeoGlobal Resources (10% stake).


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