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  • cahi04 Jun 14, 2007 1:45 PM Flag

    The technical trend at present!!!

    Probability - Intermediate trend possibly bearish, Sideways trend near upper resistance.
    Probability - Overbought, odds favor short trades.
    Probability - Short term typical rally, rally may start to slow.
    Confirmation - Extreme 3 day accumulation, but when the stock is overbought this is considered bearish.
    Confirmation - at resistance

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    • cahi04 Jun 21, 2007 10:07 AM Flag

      In my experience a Co. buying back its shrs. when it has so few to buy(low float to begin w) may be trying to hide weak #'s going forward (at least nearterm). Yet if one concentrates on the sales #'s and NOT the earnings per shr. one will get a much better take on the Co.'s near to midterm prospects. To be unbiased,they could as well be buying shrs. back for the longer term as they see the Co. increasing sales. However, in most instances for a Co. to grow they will need substantial amnts. of money and more shrs.(esp. in a rising interest enviornment) is the best route to take. W/ such a low shr. count to begin w/ I think it's unnecessary and counterproductive to the way the stk. trades and causes institutional buying to dry up. IMHO

    • What do you have to say about your site now? They are saying here thet stock is in breakout mode and saying we are going to $9.17. Are you buying here are or you waiting for

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      • cahi04 Jun 19, 2007 4:31 PM Flag

        It didn't say that. It gives many different conditions that the stks technical indicators are giving and one has to read into these in an attempt to decipher a direction Presently the trade quality is 45% chance of upside,w/ 70% chance of downside. What it did say is that IF BWTR closes above I believe it is $8.14(not positive) that it has no resistance,whereas at present it is stuck in a strong resistance band. All in all the stk. at present looks directionless,which makes sense since no one has much of a clue as to how the 2nd qtr. ER is going to show. However, w/ its recent upside I see more downside than upside. The overall mkts. are presently toppy and appearing directionless, waiting on 2nd qtr. #'s as well. To be honest, I can't see what's holding this mkt.up,there's been nothing but bad news of late. We are in the latter stages of "irrational exhurberance part 2" and we all know how part 1 turned out! My opinion!

    • If you go by this site you are bound to lose money, which by looking at your post you probably have lost money. Stock consultant will say one thing one day and then the next say extreme 3 day accumulation. This is so they always look right. Grow up and do your own research. The stock is under accumulation at 7.90 to 8 range and soon will be busting through $8 to accumulation in the $8.50 range. You will learn one day how to understand when a stock is being accumulated. If by chance you are short You are screwed and if you are looking to get in lower...good luck!

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      • cahi04 Jun 14, 2007 4:19 PM Flag

        Since it's move up from the low $7's 5 days ago to the high $7's of recent it has failed to close above $8 on what, 3 attempts. I would call that resistance. As to their call that the stk. is overbought,from a technical point it is. All the situations,from a technical read are most likely correct, however stks. are not totally bound by technical indicators, buyers can either not see or ignore these indicators,yet longer term these indicators usually have their way!The sellers of BWTR seem to be content to capture profits at or around $8. The buyers seem to be found in the $7.80's Who will win the battle? Overbought at present say the sellers should win. The overall mkt. is a strong controlling factor as well, as it contributes to speculative fervor(if up) and Will BWTR correct on the conditions indicated by, maybe not,yet they exist and are one more tool to use in deciding whether one should jump in after a considerable runup or wait for a consolidation. As I've stated before, I will wait for the release of the E.R. or until a better entry point arises. Summer time doldrums may or may not arrive this yr. Yet the volatility the mkt. is showing of late is to be watched closely as it most likely portends something more intense is soon to take place either up or down but not as it's been of late(extreme downs and ups) IMHO