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  • toots12toots toots12toots Aug 17, 2007 1:18 PM Flag

    Has anyone else notice this?,PLTADANRBO[PA][D][F1!3!!!2!20]&pref=G

    It used to have a bullish oblective of 24, now it's degraded to a bearish objective of 6.5. Was surprised to see this!

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    • I really have enjoyed this today,
      I just got home form the hospital for 5 days, so i really havnt looked even real close to most of the market. Perhaps by the week end i might find something new. I jsut love this game, (on some days)

      WAIT a minute, a freind last week and i was talking about SUNW, i sent him a news item thismorning about IBM and them doing something together, i will look more into it later.

      be well are you looking at anything else or new?

    • What really matters, Steve, is the poverall picture.....if you are UP thus far, then you are a good trader/investor. RMIX is is BWTR. My fence sitting dod prove prudent TODAY. Any other trading ideas? Good luck.

    • I have a core also, but some 25/30 "plays" on the side. '

      on a yr. chart i got into ICo around nov. 4.55 area. Not thousdans of shares and go with the 12/34 mov. ave.

      like rmix sometime in Dec around 6+. I sold the last time after it didn't break out and up over those triple tops, took some time and got back in, now i might be a little under water, cuse the pun but its with their money. LOL

      some good news perhaps PHO is down nearly 1% while BWTR is up slightly. who knows.

    • Yes, Steve, I have been reading in many publications how water is getting to be a scarce commodity. But until people notice that water starts to trickle and not flow from their taps would the importance of water be recognized. You don't miss anything till you lose it.

      ICO (coal) and RMIX (concrete) are indeed items, similar to water, that are essentials in our global society. I wonder how you are able to trade both with low volumes. Most probably you hold them longer than several days, right?

      I have core holdings that I just leave alone no matter what and play the margins I could get from them. Sometimes I sell covered calls. too.

      Looks like BWTR is holding in aronund the 10s but with very low volume of 69,000 only. Good luck.

    • toots,
      I reread your first message and saw the 24 number, sorry i wover looked it.

      Right now on my favorite chart ( I use 12/34 day moving ave. as my main buy sell point, along with others, of course. Today there is a 4 point spread between perhaps selling or buying. at this point i wont add any. but the downside does look open to a slide. with out alot of resistence. almost scary today might tell the tale.

      your ideas

    • hey toots,
      I look at P and f as another tool, like all tools. I didnt print out the PREVIOUS chart for BWTR but i thought it was for 18 to 20 area. I just got back into th egame after a 5 day stint in hospital, (the good news about it i sure missed those hi drama day's) I will watch more closely. I think this is my 3rd time in BWTR since 6.81 if i remember.

      any ideas?

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      • HI recollection of the old obj was 24. But I guess that is now all water under bridge. What happened that put you n the hospital....are you all right now? Did yoiu get in the 10s? Well, if this is your 3rd time, you must be doing very well with this stock. I am following ACE in Clearstation and I thought I should get in this but the P&F bearish outlook is not that encouraging. What is your take on this? What is a good entry point? What is your exit point?