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  • willesmithus willesmithus May 12, 2002 8:36 AM Flag


    i have been noticing a few posts that are probably new to pittston maybe employees
    or investors,first off pittston coal is in shambles from black lung cases, burlington, now known as bax is sruggling to stay afloat with the help of the so called holdingcompany.
    the only company that is profitable is brinks that is even why pittston kept brinks ticker symbol and got rid of the other symbols pzm and pzx.what they sould do is sell all the companys and be done with it at least they could become profitable in a few years if the other two surive that is. im sick to see the mother company sucking more and more from brinks bottom line each year when the others are failing to see profit and of course losing
    money all toghther.

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    • hoping for good numbers ...
      economy was very strong....

      Has anyone heard any more about the rumored BAX buyout by DHL / DP? Would be interesting - a good match ...

    • Who lets the dog out???

      Bow wow....

      BAX will rock your world

    • I do not have access to any of the financial information.....

      As we all know - it has to improve, and has shown signs of such in recent qtrs..

      a long climb back from way below bottom ...
      I thought it might take 2-3 years........

      still many challenges running O/N fleeet @ whore prices....... this still concerns me most

      wishing them well..............

      you too - tell the gang hello

    • Do you believe that the current management at BAX is making progress? Will they have a profitable quarter this year? What are they doing to correct the mismanagement of the cbob era?

      It's easy to explain away past failures but what has been created in the past two years to bring the company to profitability? Can BAX make a come back? Does the company have the right vision and plan to be competitive in the changing transportation market(especially in these uncertain economic conditions)?

    • cboob regime, as were the sharehoders, employees 401k, and the many quality, long term dedicated mgrs forced out to make room for his worthless friends ( all now fired).
      How could we forget? Never is my guess.
      The main reason BAX is still in recovery is a result of the cboob regime, and of course the KPMG Systems $200M debacle ( estimated amount)
      May take another year to show a profit.. if then .... hope so ..... wow - from 1998 - 2003 - just to get back to profitability .. not an easy task when `40%(rumored amount) of the domestic business is forced off the Private Fleet from the Revenue Prevention Team...... in just 18 months ..... whew.......

      We wish BAX well in their continued recovery.

      Most do not wish cboob and friends well, for they deserve to .. well ... you know..

      and you ask " can we just forget?"

      moved on ? yes ! - forget? - never !!!!

      We will always celebrate July 25 as a day of rejoicing ..... all of BAX will note this day of celebration for sure . We will try to forget June 8, 1998 - the day the music died...
      Too bad the current emphasis on corp fraud and consulting firms was not in existance from 1997 - 2000.
      May the truths stand forever, as painful as they may be.

    • Isn't it time to forgot about the cbob regime and focus on the present and future? Will BAX be profitable in the 3rd and 4th quraters? That is the key question.

    • been cawld wers ........ thx fer thu good post

      reminder to awl- Juli 25 iz the 2nd anniverseree uf cboob gittun fard ......

      at exaclty noon on juli 25:

      stand up
      ubzerv wun minit uf siluns fer thos who sufferd
      from the cboob teem

      and hit a few liks in selubrashun that they are awl gone ..........

      gloree be to god
      when the krooks go marchun owt
      we saw thu darknuss
      will thu sercul be unbrokun
      im gonna tak u trip, on thu good old cboob ship
      amazun theft - how sweet thu krime
      cboobs - can yunz spare uh dime?

      bak under thu bridge - too hot owt yheer

    • Some thoughts for all CEOs this week of the fourth -

      When I despair, I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won. There have been many tyrants without conscience and for a time they can seem invincible. But in the end they always fall. Think of it, always.
      --Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)

      Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.
      --Abraham Lincoln, U.S. president (1809-1865)

      and for Camper - isnt it unfortunate that -
      Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers.
      --Mignon McLaughlin

    • Camper,
      I will take a shot at this burning question. How about mode neutral = trying to convince shippers to pay air rates for ground movement? Since your diverting it anyway, might as well give it a name like "saver".

      However, this puts alot of pressure on the field because they must get shippers to bite on a rate 3x to 5x what the ground carriers are charging...

      Also Deutsch Post buyout rumors have been circulating again. Most investors do not understand the health liability issue as described in the most recent post. I understand BAX portion to be in the 9-digit range. Who would absorb this liability for an 8% margin business?


    • mowd newtrul - weul sumbidee pleez xplan theus to us awl ?? wood upreesheeatit
      thar u go ... thar u go ... thar u go
      distuns bast pricun - ownlee in ower dreems
      bax weul be ok
      just lots uf rekuverun steeul
      thanx cboob and kumpnee ( gorgy-porgy too)
      no i hav not fowargot - never weeul

      and wun mowar thang ... kmpg

      beer me

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