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  • Xs_Ruff_Ryder Xs_Ruff_Ryder Jan 6, 2003 11:10 PM Flag

    The Coal Newsletter

    The takeover is in progress, the "t" is working, the mines are gaining footage, the plants are producing more refuse, the surface mines are removing overburden (little coal), the office is full of echos, "yes Mr. Q", the rail cars are full, even loaded to overcapacity, the profits are pouring in, fat bonuses for everyone, company cars for all employees and spouses, life has never been better (except for the AREALEANS).
    We understand the T now includes Rapoca, Vicc, Pittston, the Gilliam companies, Arch minerals in Virginia, Consolidation Coal, Jewell Smokless, Covey Elkins, Steve Mullins, and a couple others that we cannot divulge until clearance is obtained.

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    • You have entirely too much time on your hands.

      Here are a few suggestions :

      1 - buy the new Elvis #1 hits CD and relax
      2 - buy my little girl's new CD ( she is hot)
      3 - drop by camper's party for a huff or two
      4 - if you must post - at least make it meaningful or entertaining ..
      5 - be nice to camper -
      6 - remember - old Elvis sings for all of you
      7 - buy some PZB stock at these prices :)
      8 - post something helpful
      9 - learn to dance..good for the soul
      10 - tell your friend monty hello for me
      11 - relax .. loosen up ..
      12 - play some golf with your friend faberfart
      as my British friends say
      cheers carry-on hip hip

      da king

      p.s. I am now selling freight services in a far away place .. pretty good at it too

    • to keep entertaining ... especially for you
      ( menlogoingdown on BAX)

      feel free to criticize.. after all that is PZB message board theme ... no other meaningful info posted here in almost three years ....

      Do you have any meaningful info to post here? Please share ..

      old camper seldom ever posts, but every once in awhile it is nice to stir the pot... just to see if this board is actually being watched
      ( other than by cboob, gorgee-porgee , and their friends).

      p.s. hope the easter bunny bring you lots of eggs ..

      I own this stock @ $13 .. hope I did not buy too soon...

      back to fishun ...

    • Oh, bad assumption!

      I have never worked for BAX or C. Bob for that matter. Remember, just because you are criticized, you shouldn't come back with assumptions which make you look like the fool you are.

      I could care less if BAX prospers as long as you're not in the picture.

      Too bad you're not using the trailer speak. I was hoping for the entertainment.

      Hey, maybe we can get other ex-BAX dolts to comment! elvisztheking are you there?

      "I seldom follow the co now,..."

      You seem to check the message board daily though. Hmmm, no input unless someone else posts a comment. Lack of original thought, typical of what I have heard.

      "I do not recall crying during cboob reign, but do remember speaking out..."

      One man's speaking out is another man's crying. It gets old. Move on if you are so happy and you aren't following the co.

    • Thanks for the compliments... sorry you never accepted the truth, and clearly do not have ( or understand) the facts..too bad.

      As for me .. I do understand ( as do most other intelligent people), and have happily moved on. I do not recall crying during cboob reign, but do remember speaking out in hopes PZB execs and BOD would realize they had put BAX on a course for complete demise and BK uner cboob and co ... it obviously had influence ... I seldom follow the co now, but hope BAX continues to prosper...

      As for today, I have fun with it ... gives me a good laugh occasionally .. and serves as a good reminder from many who appreicate..

      Get back to work and produce some value for your company ..

      I could challenge you anytime relative to the economics of the business you are in ... and your cboob friends as well ..

      Even though you are misguided, I wish you well.

    • No wonder they fired you.

      Oh, I'm sure you are going to say you left, but if you leave before you get fired, it is the same result. But, without the unemployment.

      Somebody told me you cried on a daily basis during the reign of your buddy C. Bob. Even those you would think you were friends with, were getting tired of you.

      It was probably your lack of vision that helped bring down BAX, and you can conveniently blame the Exec's at the time.

      Don't use the old tired line that you forgot more than I will ever know. Not only is it false, it is getting old.

      Please respond using you idiotic trailer voice it is very amusing.

    • I am a freakazoid ! thanks for reminding me ..
      and you ?
      you obviously do not get it .. but this is ok

    • Haven't been on here in a while. The funny thing was all the ex Pittston workers bees bitching at Christmas because they had to work between XMas and the 1st. They should have been glad to have a job. Better be glad Mullins and Elkins can't read or your butt would have been wipped. Noted your comment and couldn't help it.

      • 1 Reply to extrapolatethis
      • the 1 year anniversary of the VP of Destroying Company Culture departure.
        A divorce uncontested...
        This day is certainly worth remembering for years to come .. perhaps every employee will say to each other
        " Thanks be to God .. the elitist group has left the building .. forever"

        " There is NOW peace in the valley "
        " BAX is NOW empowered"
        " the people are NOW cared for and respected"

        p.s. a recent cbooby sighting near Little Rock-
        had golf clubs in tow .. rumor has it he was out trying to sell aviation services .. cbooby making sales calls .. perhaps to BAX .. this had to be noted in my developing book of comedy .. a classic .. horse laugh ..

        I heard from the baggage crew that a person
        by the name of m karly was found in cbooby's checked luggage ..... was arrested for possessing 20 bottes of pills w/o prescriptions with him ( had them at home) .. old karly ..always taggin along .. .. jorgee-porgee must have been in the carry-on bag
        ( cboob said it was his pet therapy cobra)

        next chapter in August 2003, as we mark another anniversary date from 2000

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