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  • rhrisch rhrisch Jan 9, 2003 1:35 PM Flag

    What is a good entry point?

    With a price of $17.10, the forward P/E is 10.8. So what are the cons?

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    • Profits at Bax. Is there such a thing?

    • Hmm... which operation has lots of expensive assets and which operation is basically non-asset based?? See any correlation in profits for BAX divisions?

    • sounds like you are dying on the vine however

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      no dirty thoughts in mind .. just facts

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      we will look for your meaningful insight in the future... right ..

      if not- we can hit the "ignore" button
      p.s. is menlo going down? I hear otherwise

    • Ugg, if you are going to play message board police, then you'll need to be ignored.

      Good to see you get your enjoyment "playing" a dead guy.

      Do you really think your "little girl" is hot?



    • and remember it also ..

      once again - you contribute nothing to the board ..

      " the king loves you baby "

      nice to see the PCO stock climbing....

    • In case everybody have not been following along...

      This is considered "value" to the board:

      "1 - buy the new Elvis #1 hits CD and relax
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      You think your little girl is hot(2)??? Freak!

    • once again ...
      you add no value to the board .. and most likely not to your company...
      but I do appreciate the thought..
      I make $ on this stock in a trading range ( as many others enjoy)
      please keep us posted as to " substantive rumors" - since you seem to be all knowing ..
      keep "goingdownonyourself"

      UNT ..... we all await your next worthless post

    • Well, did you get in at $12?

      Funny, still no basis for your rumors.

    • the readers thank you for another worthless post. DO you have any good info that the readers of this msg board can use?

      Why drag Camper into this? You could not carry his briefcase !
      Everyone knows he was always 100% right; only you can't accept the truth. Camper has not said a negative word about BAX, and only issued warning to investors during the C.Bob tenure(Thank God he did)- and we listened (including the CEO and BOD)

      I got a call from a BAX employee this week indicating this rumor .. but we all know that everything is for sale - just a matter of price.

      I just want to make some money on this puppy.
      I own this stock @ $13 .. no need to average down yet... hopefully never.

      This board is begging for some meaningful info.
      Please people ( all except " menlogoingfdown on himself")


    • BAX reported an operating loss of 5.5 million dollars for the first quarter. Last year, all of the profits were gained from overseas operations while the Americas took huge losses. Looks as though the losses in the Americas continues in 2003 with a slowdown globally. The future does not look bright for BAX and hope that they can turn things around.

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