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  • SURFRATO SURFRATO Jun 4, 2003 11:12 AM Flag

    Lets switch gears...

    Of all the "regulars" here that post, who among you actually know what happens inside BAX or Brinks? Yes, I am trying to pump some life in this board. It is like flogging a dead horse, but maybe, just maybe...

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    • I work at BAX and my cube mate's husband works
      for Brinks. We're very busy & business looks
      excellent. I'm in customer service so I get a
      lot of rate quotes, pick ups & tracking. I
      believe this qualifies as knowing a bit about
      what's going on. I've been at BAX for two
      years & I'm still enjoying the job. Sometimes
      the management causes heartburn, but over all
      they're doing a good job. No better, no
      worse than any other large company.

      I see the stock going down and I wonder what
      is going on to cause this. We're always busy
      and hiring new people all the time lately.
      We expect the biz to pick up heavily as summer
      progresses. I've been hearing a lot that our
      prices rock & many people have switched to us
      because we handle frt that others won't touch.
      If we did pick ups from residences, we'd be so
      much more busy. Maybe someday they'll change
      that rule.
      As I stated, I can talk about BAX, but have
      little to offer in regards to other companies.

      Just wanted to let you know there are some real
      employee's lurking around the board. I just
      haven't seen anything come up that's worth
      responding to. That's it and so long for now.
      I'll be lurking & waiting !!

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