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  • zeegypzee zeegypzee Jul 1, 2004 9:00 AM Flag

    I hope it's not too late to buy this.

    It's almost a secret stock.

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    • At a 5-year high - might be too rich for my blood ( my blood is a bit cold).
      It is near the 12 mo analysts target of $34.
      ...might have a little more room at the top ..
      .. looking to buy after a pull-back ....looks fairly safe at $25... maybe 12 mo range to $36 ???

      For those who own at $12, $15, $20 - congrats
      ..nice run over the past 3 years ..

      Looks like this co is back to producing some respectable results - a long time in the making. Congrats !

      For a really cheap stock - check out Timco Aviation Services - last check it was trading at 36 cents .. might be a good buy here ..
      I am picking up a few thousand shares of this one ...
      All honorable CFOs:
      .. get in line - it is obvious that the CEO and BOD are very generous and appears that they might be lacking in the research dept for candidates' track records.
      I am sending in my resume, even though I am not sure if they are hiring for this job..yet..

      other updates:

      -I think OJ is guilty
      -elvis does not need viagra
      -black is beautiful
      -I'm not sharing my island w/ osama or cboob
      -Happy 4th
      -expensive suglasses cause nothing but trouble
      -charmin is too soft and crumbly

      da king

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      • Nice perspective - I agree, there will be a pull-back at this level.

        Do you have a bastard child named Camper?

        I especially like your tip on Timco ... a very suttle implication ... I am sure you raised the blood pressure of cronies, but I hear many LOLs from the majority of this board's readers ...

        A message for all the corp frauds:

        Hail to the King

        ... back under the sheets I go

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