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  • oneof60 oneof60 Feb 24, 2000 8:44 AM Flag

    Mabye if you executive management

    were not so smug and arrogant, things may run a
    little more smoothy for you and your stock prices. For
    God's sake, all you have to is simply acknowledge the
    "little people" who maintain your product for you, and
    you would be surprised how things would or could turn
    around. It seems that people skills are very lacking
    within these ranks, and that is very dissapointing. All
    you have is a stupid title that means nothing except
    when you push someone out the door who has been loyal
    to your company. See the light! People below you on
    the food chain are not sub-class citizens. Everyone
    puts their pants on the same way so get a clue!
    above and beyond and think outside the box(sound
    familiar). Every message on this board isn't negative just
    to be negative, there is something behind them,
    don't you understand?
    Change it for the better and
    put your money where your mouth is! Talk is only
    that, talk. Actions are what is meaningfull. How can we
    tell? Well, stock prices for one. Hurry! Nothing lasts
    forever unless you manage it carefully. Man, to be a day

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    • It is unbelievable that such an elitist group was
      ever allowed to destroy the culture of once a great
      company. BAX will be left with, by far, the weakest
      management group in the industry (was previously the
      strongest). Perhaps not by academic accomplishments, but by
      results and respect from the entire employee and industry
      groups. Remember, a company's greatest asset is still
      it's employees.

      • 2 Replies to exgreenblood
      • someone has certainly destroyed shareholder value
        in the two years. From public record, my
        investigations indicate that it would appear that the BAX stock
        alone (PZX) was at $31 two years ago and the Brinks
        stock (PZB) at over $40. I note that the BAX stock hit
        $5 at one time.

        I guess shareholders would
        be inclined to say, "Forget the culture, show me the

      • have never been an asset for Pittston. I have
        been around them for 30 years and just look at the
        coal group if you really want to find out about this
        company. Hard work and respect from upper management is no
        where to be found with Pittston be it coal, Brinks, or
        BAX. Sorry, folks but you can look till the cows come
        home but "RESPECT" is not in the mission statement and
        never will be...

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