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  • peak_007 peak_007 Mar 1, 2000 10:29 AM Flag

    PZB at bottom

    A couple of posters have talked about the bottom
    for the stock price. I think that it is probably
    about $16. It seems that some larger players are very
    willing to scoop up some larger positions at these
    prices. I think the risk/return tradeoff is very good
    here. With near-term downside being $16 and near-term
    upside being $22. Longer term the market needs to look
    more kindly on value stocks again for this thing to
    approach $30.

    I have a small number of shares that
    I am long from the PZX restructuring. For those
    looking for more upside from the higher growth
    interenational air cargo market swap into Atlas Air Cargo (CGO).
    I've done this at $25. Atlas should be able to double
    to $50 within a year.


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    • -I'm not an ex or a current but probably know
      more about coal that anybody currently
      -The mineral group's problems began during the late
      1980's. Most of the management was trained during the
      energy shock when coal prices tripled and more in a
      couple of year�s time. Anybody could make money. The
      problem was holding on to it, which Pittston did at the
      time. The coal industry changed during the 80's and
      Pittston didn't. A brief review of their history indicates
      that at every crossroad they went the wrong way. I
      know hindsight is wonderful but a wrong turn every
      time? Recent examples, put in a met mine with high
      mining and transportation costs at the end of a ten-year
      period of high met coal prices. And put it in with UMWA
      workers? Nobody is opening up new mines with union
      workforces. Legally Pittston didn't have to, more internal
      politics. And now sell when then coal industry is
      experiencing low valuation problems (ex.Arch Coal and Consol
      recent offerings), and terrible product pricing. The
      coal group management didn't change with the times.
      There were several times they were presented with a
      chance to move into the new world but they didn't. Big
      Foot finally removed them. But alas, too little, too
      -The question you have to ask is with all the
      bad press and feelings that exist in the other
      companies, will the current management be proactive and fix
      Brinks et al or will they follow the former Neros and
      fiddle while Rome burns down around them?
      -My point
      is in fairness to M Dan the mineral group was dead
      when he got there. His only fault was why did it take
      him so long to pull the trigger.
      -By the way. Has
      it escaped everyone else's eye or does Pittston's
      Glen Allen office look ready to face a siege with the
      brick walls, pointed fences, and guard gate? They ought
      to know from their union brothers (which I am sure
      as hell not one of those) you can run but you can't
      hide, baby.
      -One final point,(if they do actually
      read this board) a company's failure is always the
      leadership's fault. The workerbees follow the leads set by
      their managers. It doesn't matter if they be good, bad,
      or indifferent examples. You make the big jack on
      top and that is one reason why. Blame rests squarely
      and singularly on your shoulders.

    • resigned to go work for a company called Union
      Air Transport. Is that not where the infamious Mr.
      Greg Montgomery went to work as President of their US
      operations? Mr. English reported to him at BAX, I believe.

      If correct, the Mazza memorandum is somewhat
      unfortunate and could prove to be very costly. Was it not
      this company that recently lost a suit from an ex
      employee, with a price tag of $1.5 million?

    • Fact 1 Richard English, BAX's corporate license
      holder resigned.
      Fact 2 The VP of International
      Operations for BAX sends out an email regarding Richard
      resigning and stating something along the lines of
      "Although Richard was only with BAX for six months, he was
      unable to adapt to the rapid changes we need to
      Fact 3 The same VP sends out a long email that
      includes something like "I apologize for any
      misunderstanding caused by my prior e-mail. I did not intend to
      disparage Richard or his contribution to the company. Thank

      Prediction, if Richard wanted to pursue it....... well you
      know the rest.

      Who reads these memos before
      they get distibuted company wide?

      saying something like not being able to adapt is one
      thing, telling everyone system wide is pretty bad I
      personally think.

    • ...take a look at some of the others. If you
      believe what's said on message boards, you should believe
      that every transportation company in America has poor
      performing, overpaid, upper management. The first quarter is
      not even over and the board has less than 200
      postings, and, most of those are from six people. If this
      board were not a forum for complaining, there would be
      a few people without a mission in life.
      I still
      believe this stock is under-valued but it is still going
      to drop to $10-12. Once the "quiet" management makes
      decisions, or announces it's decisions, to move into the
      21st century, it will be time to buy. Come on Mr. Dan,
      let's hear about your three to five year plan.

    • if everyone on this board really thinks the
      management is going to run this company into the ground,
      then just go ahead and short PZB.

      Put before
      doing so, ask yourself this question. "Do I feel lucky,

    • Senior management should be involved in
      productive matters, but that requires knowledge of and
      experience in one's field; BAX management has neither. While
      it is true that a good deal of venting goes on here,
      there is very little raving.

    • I heartily agree with your assertion. Yet I can
      tell you that I have good sources, and I stand by
      statement. I'm sure some of the comments on this board have
      caused red faces, but no aneeurisms yet. If you haven't
      done so yet, please click on my profile, and the My
      Voice link to hear my guess at what management's
      reaction is to some of the various commentary expressed



    • If senior mgmt of any large company paid even the
      slightest attention to the ventings and ravings of people
      on a stock board, no stronger evidence could be
      found of gross incompetance.

      Senior mgmt is,
      presumbably, highly paid to engage in productive activities.
      Looking for that rare insightful post would be a very
      poor use of mgmt time.

    • I respectfully disagree. I am quite certain that
      the Senior Mis-Management takes this board seriously!
      Granted, they probably know as well as the next guy that
      this board won't do much for the stock price either
      way, but that's not it. Who do you think hates having
      their own mediocrity pointed out than a bunch of
      bungling, impudent autocrats! And there is not a darn thing
      they can do about it. I do happen to know that they
      all read this board first thing every

      Have a nice day,

      "Dancin'" D_RayW

    • if you actually think management would take
      anything that they read on this board seriously! With most
      of the posters here being ex's why would they care
      what we have to say (especially when there has been
      little said constructive?) Not to mention that everyone
      posts under an alias.

      Sure, management can and
      should be blamed but so should some underlings (maybe
      even some forklift drivers.) And is it possible that
      management may have actually done something right? Heaven

      I am simply trying to find out if there is anyone
      out there that may actually have some information
      that would be valuable in making an investment
      decision in PZB.

      Can anyone answer.....

      this stock go anywhere?

      Certainly not to
      Infinity and Beyond!

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