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  • peak_007 peak_007 Apr 19, 2000 8:42 AM Flag

    Wall Street Transcript picks PZB

    Analyst Jeff Kessler, for the Wall Street
    Transcript has highlighted PZB as a top pick. This could be
    great news for the stock today. Since the company
    usually gets very little press and coverage, this could
    help us move back to the $20's. We won't stay in the
    teens too much longer. There is way too much value here
    in the core PZB security and air freight business.
    The airfrieght component will be getting a boost from
    the Kitty Hawk nightmare. Many of KTTY's planes have
    been grounded and the company may seek Ch 11. There is
    extreme undercapicity in the air cargo sector right

    Lastly, to old PZX holders or those interested in the
    higher growth rates in the air cargo market check

    Atlas Air (CGO)

    I recommended this one before
    as a good way to maintain direct air cargo exposure.
    The company just posted great earnings yesterday and
    appears to be poised for a 10 point move up. Check out
    the CGO board for a good discussion.

    Good luck
    to all!

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    • finally received his one year all expense paid vacation

      He didn't know product mix from trail mix -
      a hold-over from the old PTN regime

      good ridence

    • <EOM>

    • D_RayW - We may not be that far apart on many
      issues but understand a few things.
      I am not
      particularly a "Campbell Youth". I think he does(or did)take a
      lot of heat for some things that may not have been
      any of his doing. In most large companies it takes
      more than one person to make some of the decisions
      that are discussed on the board. The king may be dead
      but before we scream long live the new king we need
      to find out who really makes the decisions and focus
      on those people.
      In most cases, outside
      consulting companies are never worth it. The people
      "in-house" usually come up with the original thoughts and
      the consultants just write it down and take credit
      for the ideas. This is not the first time I have
      heard of (or have had)complaints about that particular
      Oracle is the most popular new "language" used by major
      companies today, however, you need the resources to make it
      work. Debacle? Yes!
      As I understand it, BAX has had
      years of "Management Flavor of the Month". In other
      words, a new program to "save" the company. The program
      is partially implemented and then thrown out, only
      to be replaced by a new program. I UNDERSTAND the
      statement about "elitist morons wielding their MBA's." If
      you don't have consistency, you create havoc. Someone
      needs to make some smart decisions and stick with 'em.
      As distasteful as it sounds, Carnes and even
      Campbell seem to have started that trend.
      We may not be
      that far apart on many things. I am just patiently
      watching; some things I see are good and some things are
      not so good.

      P.S. - Nice way of saying the
      fertilizer has hit the ventelator.

    • c bob that is to the BAX engine

      he tried
      to run it on fossil fuel ( that is bull shit ) and
      could not believe there was a foul smell -

      ha ha
      ha ha ha ha ha ha

      been a huffin too much i

      maybe they is still a few brain cells
      still functioning -

      hit me u lik air gorge
      back to fishin

    • Speaking of sales incentive, I understand that
      sales people are receiving no incentive for selling the
      new BAX Saver service. I wonder whose brilliant idea
      that was. Hey, do you boys ever do any mud boggin'
      I was just wonderin', cause I blowed my motor all
      to h--- the other day doin donuts in the yard.

    • as my grandmother used to say

      she also
      cautioned against false profits ....

      kpmg -keeps
      sucking the blood out of BAX
      hope your legal team is
      damn good

      I hear that dozer coming
      down armstrong lane
      passing out severence checks

      are the tickets to 300 paid summer vacations

    • Oooooooooooooooeeeeeeeee!!! Things are sure
      heating up on this board!

      By the way, getmigoat, I
      must ask you due to your recent posts, at what age did
      you join the Campbell-Youth?
      Yes, I would be one
      one the "has beens" you referred to. Damn good thing
      too. Dealing with a bunch of elitist morons wielding
      their MBA's as they summarily cut a swath of
      destruction through a functional organization was not
      particularly pleasurable.
      I will have to hand it to the
      current management, however, for the way that they have
      dealt with poor results. Pure genious! Let's hire a bus
      load of analysts, and then conviently *forget* how to
      get a P&L statement out to the field. What? With no
      P&L's, it is difficult for field management to realize
      that results aren't quite up to snuff, effectively
      squelching a peasasnt uprising(sales incentives...). I
      hereby dub this phenomenon "Travesty by Proxy". Funny
      that those darn "has beens" had no problems such as
      this. Then there is the Oracle debacle, the planning
      debacle, lawsuits, cowboy bandits, rumours of greased pigs
      roaming the CSG hallways, but I digress....

      think it is evident to most that the feces is already
      well en route toward the rotary cooling device.


      Hey Camperparty, Ponty called and he's a-waiting for

    • Yes, There is high turnover but when people are
      being held accountable for the first time, they will
      quit unless they are competent... Now let's see,
      oldtimes are quitting because they are being held
      responsible for the things that lost money...sounds like that
      is screwed-up to me....what do you think????

      (Uh, those of you that are "has beens" need not
      comment...your closed minds caused this to begin with).

    • Campbell is out - Carnes is in - TOLD YOU

      Now we have a experienced customs broker in charge of
      running a worldwide transp & logisitcs co - nice guy I
      hear, but does not know the economics of the business,
      (particulalry the US portion) - I guess all of Campbell's Execs
      ( all under contract) will get a nice paid vacation
      also, unless they continue to hang around and stink up
      the place

      lookout Mr Dan - you are next ( if
      the board has a clue)

    • It isn't really that the "old" team was the best
      ever, it just appears that as a rule, MGT is not
      getting better. It seems that it is getting worse. It
      isn't only MGT, it is the entire staff, sales, ops,
      vendors, the rank and file are leaving too. The hot job
      market is not good for BAX. Anyone with a little
      experience is leaving for more forward thinking
      transportation organizations.

      Another point, look at the
      execs who have left and are very successful
      contributors to their new corporations. Union Transport seems
      to be doing very well, Expeditors is performing, and
      Dynamex appears to be making better decisions than BAX. I
      wouldn't make specific suggestions as to who should come
      back, but what is obvious that "lots are leaving." That
      is a very bad sign. I don't have access to any
      numbers, but it would be interesting to see a break down
      of the turnover statistics. It could be a very
      revealing point about service, culture, and long term
      viability. These are all things that contribute to the
      overall value of the company/stock. Until these aspects
      improve, bottom feeding is the only investing that will be
      made. Unless, you are strictly gambling on the premise
      that, "it can't go any lower," this is not a wise
      investment. The transporatation group has it's problems(see
      this board), but don't ignore the black lung that is
      coal. It is your money, gamble if you wish, I would
      rather make informed, educated investments. Even as a
      current, my money goes elsewhere.

      If memory
      serves(and it may not), the coal division was trading for
      less than $2 at one time. BAX was trading around
      $4-$5.., I think it is a bad buy even at $10.

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