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  • big_dawg_scoobie big_dawg_scoobie Jul 20, 2000 9:57 AM Flag

    BAX Gives Value Added Service - NOT !!!

    The Good ole BAX boys never cease to amaze me. I
    recently had a meeting with some BAX boys and they had the
    audacity to tell me how to run my business. Instead of
    knowing their customer's needs and providing top-notch
    service with innovative systems and transportation
    solutions, they tell me how to run my business.

    seems that my 23+ years of success in the
    transportation industry leaves me in the dark. I guess I needed
    the BAX boys to tell me what I should be doing. As
    their customer should they not be providing me with
    options that will enhance and improve my transportation
    capabilities for both domestic and international

    I am happy to say that my new transportation
    provider is performing to the standards that they
    promised. All is well that ends well (away from BAX).

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    • You are incorrect. The CEO of the company was
      based in the UK and his name was Jack Wasp. The
      Americas CEO at the time was Jeff Maddow. I was VP of US
      International Operations. LEP Group's stock and for that
      matter, the company itself, crashed as a result of the
      California real estate deal.

      Malcolm Heath

    • Sorry to get the real estate part wrong but were
      you not at the helm when the bottom of the company
      fell out. Are you not the person that drove the stock
      price down to almost nothing. I remember when
      Renfreight was going to buy the shell of a company you left
      behind for $1.00
      The part of you being a freight
      forwarder is a joke. The closest you come to being a
      freight forwarder is that your business card say's that.

      Looks like you have nothing better to do then watch a
      competitors message board. This is the only place you can
      find ideas about how to run your company. As far as
      getting my facts straight before going public holds some
      truth but you know what I am in America and it is the
      public's choice to say what they want and how they want. I
      forgot you are a POM E' and those rules do not apply.
      You are best suited to climb a mountain,then again
      how could you watch this message board from way up
      That is all from me.

    • You are sadly misinformed.

      I am a freight
      forwarder, not a real estate agent. The real estate to which
      you refer was purchased by LEP Group Plc, London,
      back in 1987 some two years before I joined LEP USA. A
      certain John Read, the then Chairman, made the decision
      to enter the Californian real estate market. It
      proved to be a disappointment.

      Sorry, but you
      have the wrong gentlemen.

      I would respectfully
      suggest that you get your facts straight before going
      public in future.

      Malcolm Heath

    • were truly enjoyable. I would have to 2nd guess
      Mal about his last 2 years, given his reasons for
      leaving were similar to other former "Green Team" mgt. He
      is truly a class act and had a very successful
      tenure and contrubution to BAX. His departure was ( and
      still is) a big loss to BAX

      My last two were
      not so hapy due to BPI ( KPMG) $150 million+ systems
      debacle, hiring of CBob and co, stock plunge from $32 >
      $5, many long-term managers forced out and blamed for
      creating the Pittston induced mess, etc ...... we all know
      the rest of the story.

      Perhaps BAX will
      someday again be the company that it was it's first 25
      years. Good luck to all concerned.

      Moved on and
      very happy not to be @ BAX today.

      SO TRUE - THE

    • Malcolm,
      I hope your comments are referring
      to the messages of others, not big dawg. Hey, I am
      on your side and I know the results of your tenure
      at BAX. POSITIVE RESULTS !!! Your status also keeps
      up the high level of integrity instead of stooping
      to other's levels. I would work with/for you any

    • of my thirty one career at BAX Global, so why
      would I want to publicaly trash a company that was so
      kind to me. Apart from debates that I have with close
      friends from time to time, my views on this great comapny
      are not for public consumption.

      I am not
      Camperparty. I am not exgreenblood. I am simply, Malcolm Heath
      getting on life.

      As I said, I'll simply let
      results, both at BAX and Geo, past, present and future
      speak for themselves.

      Lastly, I do not surf the
      Internet during business hours. There are time zones in
      this world other than in the United States.

      wish everyone at BAX Global every

      Malcolm Heath

      PS For sake of identification. I was
      born in West Ham, London. My dog's name is "Harry" and
      I like to climb Welsh mountains, particularly
      Pen-Y-Fan. That should identify me with most of the folks at

    • a big scooper scoobie

    • I hear 400 - 600 people will get the chop company
      no surprises here - except most likely the yellow
      bellies will still get their fat paychecks for a long
      time - bet the old-timers will be the first to go

      so sad indeed
      told you so
      mr dan - great job

      • 2 Replies to camperparty
      • Hey Camper, stop trying to come off as Mark H. to
        this board. So you two have the same initials and are
        both exgreenblood's, but looks like you have more of
        an axe to grind then he does.
        And nice try by
        responding to your own postings with another id
        (exgreenblood). Didn't take the bait regarding the "fishin in TN"
        under note #455.
        Shouldn't you put all your energy
        into turning around that "Red" Forwarder down the
        street from Bax instead of playing around on this board
        ? No fishin in Santa Ana I guess.

        and God save the Queen... :(

        PS. whats gonna
        be your new id ?
        How about

      • It was a little overcast in Irvine but I didn't see many people jumping from the roof because they lost their jobs. Where did you get that gem?

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