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  • downinflames2000 downinflames2000 Aug 18, 2000 4:46 PM Flag

    More layoffs for BAX?

    Does anyone know if the rumour is true that if BAX doesn't turn around by 4th quarter that even bigger layoffs are coming in January?

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    • Hello Idiots!!! BAX does not pay vendors enough
      to attract quality help. Their cartage group pays
      for $9.00/hr drivers and that is exactly what BAX
      gets. The employment market for drivers is very
      lucrative now, and BAX and it's contractors can only afford
      the bottom of the heap crap.

      You pay for what
      you get, and I disagree with your description of the
      delivery crews. The biggest problem with the pick up and
      delivery staff is constant turn over. Pay is no good, and
      these drivers are also subjected to poor treatment from
      BAX. If you think BAX's own employee's get the shaft,
      you should see how they treat the contracted vendors.

      Two prime examples why BAX has to do their own
      cartage in several cities now, because there are no
      longer vendors who will sign crappy contracts, with a
      crappy customer.

      By the way, don't you think
      someone would ever figure out who sees the customer 2000
      times a week. YUP, it is the drivers, not the sales, or
      customer service staff. Maybe the drivers should be
      treated as assets, not asses.

      I hope one of those
      sleeping bums delivers your next computer to your house.
      Treat him well, otherwise he will throw it from the

      If you cannot figure this out, this post is actually
      in reply to the previous post.

    • Well lets look at it this way. UPS and FEDEX and
      most of the other frieght companys doing well have
      figured it out. The only way to guarantee your work is to
      control it. You can not control it if you do not employ
      it or own it. Go figure.

    • oh get a grip. ati sucks and everyone but u seems
      to understand that.

      ati doesn't have any
      profits... with 30% reliability for the MAC trips (which is
      why ati won't be getting any more of those gravy
      train contracts) and 80% reliability in the bax system,
      there r no profits.... the pilots have cried themselves
      out of a job and the maint department is nothing just
      short of a joke.

      ati deserves to go under, and
      pittson should put them under and look elswhere for
      service that they can rely on.

    • 'ATI is just sitting around wanting to do good,
      waiting to do good, so just let ATI do their
      Amen Brother.
      I claim to be no expert here, and
      constructive criticism is what will help to resolve both BAX's
      & ATI's issues.

    • Hey exgreenblood, your spelling and grammatical
      skills seem to be on par with that scaliwag,
      camperparty. I shant criticize you. Nay, I am constantly
      bemused by your loquacious ramblings.


    • OK, for the sake of discussion.....BAX uses FedEx
      for business reasons to make FedEx liable for the

      I truly believe that your average JOE investor
      would play the name game as such:

      BAX ships
      important cargo via FedEx to put the liability on

      By putting the LIABILITY on FedEx, then BAX is
      trusting FedEx to be RELIABLE.

      By NOT using BAX's
      own fleet, then BAX is showing they don't have faith
      in their own fleet, thus admitting that BAX's fleet
      is UNreliable.

      Just a thought from average
      JOE investor.....

    • with a full time job posting positive things, and
      to refute facts regarding BAX.

      Again - accept
      the facts people.

      Q3 results are just around
      the corner - don't forget, Q3 is the heaviest
      shipping season, so improvement over Q2 is expected - bet
      the results versus 1999 will be dismal.

      Prediction - Pittston as a holding company will be no more
      within a year - all pieces will be sold off - some
      premium over the current stock price is expected, but
      don't forget the coal dust liabilities ........and of
      course - BAX state of destruction

      In my opinion,
      the shareholders and employees should sue the board
      and KPMG - what are you waiting for?

      Hay DRay
      - don't bother kritisizin mi gramer and spelling,
      caws I downt kaer

      p.s. unions are lining up @
      BAX & ATI - this could get interesting

    • Lighten up, guys!! The reason BAX uses some other
      carrier to ship their own shipments is so that the other
      carrier has the LIABILITY for the shipment! I bet UPS and
      FedEx both use someone besides their own fleet for
      internal shipments for the same logical business reasons.

    • The rummor I heard was that a total of 600
      employees were going to be let go in the 3rd and 4th
      quarter. I was told that over 200 have already lost their
      jobs. I also heard that BAX is closing the ocean
      opperations thoughout the company.

      What i find
      interesting is that BAX put out a press release today about
      the teamsters press release. Bax claims that ATI only
      handles a portion of BAX's lift. In the same press
      release BAX states that a another airline (Kitty Hawk)
      which filed for bankruptcy had little effect on BAX
      Global's ability to provide service.

      My point is
      this, I was under the impression that between ATI and
      Kitty Hawk they handle the bulk of the lift available
      to BAX. If ATI does go out on strike can a Kitty
      Hawk who is financially in trouble handle the
      additional lift since they had to down size their

      Hey BAX why are you on the defense on this??? You
      can't have it both ways. Whats going on with this

      If anyone confirm anything I have heard or share
      some new infor on this I would appreciate it.

      • 1 Reply to flyaway100
      • From what I've heard, BAX has already contracted
        some of it's flights with Gemini. For example, the
        DC-8 run from Ontario has been combined with the LAX
        flight (on a DC-10 with twice the cargo capacity of a
        DC-8 for about 1/3 the cost). These kind of business
        decisions are a step in the right decision.

        As for
        more layoffs, I'm sure that we be directly related to
        BAX's 3rd and 4th Quarter earnings...which I believe
        will be good.

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