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  • busting_a_gut busting_a_gut Oct 3, 2000 6:06 PM Flag

    Dennis Eittreim Returns

    So, let me get this straight....

    Eittreim was fired, replaced by Cbob and the whole rodeo.
    The company goes into a tailspin.

    Cbob and
    some of the rodeo are let go. (If you call getting a
    $1.3 million parachute let go.)

    And then Dennis
    Eittreim is hired back to pick up the mess after the rodeo
    has left town.

    OK, now, what was the board of
    directors intent when this whole mess started, and, what is
    their culpability?

    Will heads roll?

    I am
    busting a gut laughing over this whole fiasco!

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    • Regardless of the severence, their reputations
      are exposed, and will always be.

      Losers, in
      general, will always be losers.

      I bet that C. Bob
      and friends will continue to roam together looking
      for the next "soul to steal".

      IN spite of
      their riches and schooling, they have no class. Their
      business methods are beyond reproach.

      In time, BAX
      will be staffed again with quality, competent, and
      deserving management.

      • 1 Reply to lvlhed2000
      • more to come I bet - Joey has cranked the
        bulldozer, and is coming through .....

        I hear the BAX CIO got her golden package last
        week. Another one of cbobarebob success stories

        Who is next? Anyone want to guess?

        let's see,
        list to-date of bobarebobs short careers @

        cbob, dick-san, kanjin, day, delurg ??, McCklaker is he
        back @ KMPG ?) ....... more to come - same BAX channel
        - stay tuned

        big sign on bonuses, work 6
        months, or 1 - 2 years - get a big fat severence package
        - laugh all the way to the bank at the expense of
        shareholders/other employees- this is the new BAX career path to
        success - all aboard !

        there was a bulldozer
        spotted in Scottsdale over the weekend - interesting


        hi gorgy-porgy

    • >>>Easy now D. Ray - don't get yourself
      in trouble.

      Not bloody

      >>> Sounds like you are still angry at a C. Bob's
      cronies ?? Can't blame you, but ......tomorrow is another
      day ....... be patient .....

      Not a bit angry.
      I just think their actions resembled, maybe a bit
      too closely, the Keystone Cops. I also don't mind
      pointing out foibles of those I find

      >>> You should move on a bit more peacefully

      neither offer nor accept unsolicited advice, and I would
      advise you to do the same.

      >>> Have you

      Yep. Gate 13d. I'm heading to the baggage claim to
      collect my options.

      >>> For the


      >>> Are you coming back to BAX?

      I have moved
      the nearest fax machine into my new office, because I
      am expecting a fax from Gorgy-Porgy any moment now.
      I feel very empowered!

      BTW, I will be
      selling commemorative "Say Hey to D_Ray" T-shirts from
      2-5p.m. every day next week in the break room located in
      the Executive Offices at the CSG.


    • Easy now D. Ray - don't get yourself in

      Sounds like you are still angry at a C. Bob's cronies ??
      Can't blame you, but ......tomorrow is another day
      ....... be patient .....

      You should move on a bit
      more peacefully

      Have you landed?

      For the

      Are you coming back to BAX?

    • Yep, that's pretty much the drill. To read the
      press release, it would seem Mr. Eittreim is some sort
      of prodigal son. Poor, cbob, left to run a big
      company all by his lonesome self after Dennis left, now
      he is returning home. BAX must have hired some of Al
      Gore's speech writers.

      He sure has a hell of a
      mess to clean up!


    • A very interesting two years for sure.

      times entertaining, but at the expense of shareholder
      value and employee retirement accounts, not to mention
      the many long term employees that were so rudely
      pushed out.

      Will there be accountabilty? After
      all, the PTN board allowed for this to

      WE SHALL SEE- NEXT CHAPTER ...............

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