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  • newbaxman newbaxman Jan 19, 2001 6:35 AM Flag

    The New BAX !

    Hello again ... It's been really good fun reading some of these messages..One thing for sure 'the grudgers' have been missing is that BAX losses is only within the USA and we all know why !

    As for BAX Pacific & Europe have reported increased profits throughout 2000 which were obviously offset by USA losses.

    Tfore, although it's not easy to fix the US losses over short term but at least we all know where and what needs fixing. Unlike some
    competitors whose losses are spread all over
    the US , Europe or Far East !

    In case if you have not heard BAX is recruiting new blood & top brass in Europe & Pacific region - and don't think for a minute they are replacements for leavers or that they are desperate or have not not done our homework !

    Change is here is to stay !


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    • Boy, you just can't stop trashing everybody and everything...can you?

    • Well said.
      How very articulate.

      Lets here from the Pom Pom sqaud. Oh it Tuesday
      they are practicing their formation, get in line and follow the leader to slaughter.

      I am glad to see intelligent life on this board.


    • Now her is a person that see's what reality is .
      The truth is hard for many to swallow. You seem to have a history with this company? If they only knew the rest of the stories.
      Then I would be spending to much time viewing this board.
      Keep bringing honesty to this board. It needs a dose of reality.
      This comapny should have a guide BUSINESS FOR DUMMIES, they could sale a lot of these but never enough to make up for the short fall.

      I hear good things about the BAX CEO Joey. He I beleive is doing the best he can with what he has inherited, but he can only do so much, but as they do in corporate world they have to find a fall guy and he will be it.
      The investment world will not take this lighty and Mr Dan should be the one ousted from his role. The board and the investment community will not keep holding on to empty promises. Just wait till FEB 1.
      The fat lady will sing.

      My hat goes off to DogDuDuis.


    • Class is something that is subjective.
      By calling me a jerk and pathetic, immature jerk or just jerk is very hypocritical.

      Does this go against your kharma?

      I feel for those hard working people, they are the ones that have held that place together, with their blood, sweat and tears. Take a look at the upper management(C.BOB)what did he do? Nothing!!!!, but you know what he will recieve his golden parachute at $1.3 million for the next 3 years. Read that in your annuall report.

      I do not spend a lot of time trying to malign this company. I just point out the facts, which are just that facts.
      Yet all these people that work for this company (who should be in the know) or as yourself that worked there write back,but can not comeback with a solid retort, that would prove me wrong. Your insulting your own intellegence. I am sure that there are great folks there, but there were great folks at Montgomery Wards, and any other company that had management lead them down the tubes.
      Employees do not reck a company it is upper management that get paid the big bucks not the hourly person trying to make it in the world that wreck them.
      My heart goes out to those folk's.
      That is why I say what I say so they can get the truth. Its the American way.

      Its like Howard Stern people hate him , especially his critics but how come his critics know so much about his antics ,they listen. I'll tell you why, he speaks what other think about but he has the balls to say it.
      Next time all you have to do is move your cursor to the next button and click it and I am gone, but as long as YOU the holier that thou, like yourself continue to give me reason to write, I WILL.
      Wait till FEB 1, 2001 when Mr. Dan speaks to the investment world about how BAX lost $35-45 million dollars and the stock drops, I will not say another word.
      I"ll be to busy picking out colors with my wife in our new vacation home in Arizona, courtesy of BAX/Pittson.

    • You really are quite sad if this is how you get your kicks.

    • In my experience it seems that corporate America is so well insulated for the wealthy that retribution on longer exists except on the street level.
      The white collar "criminals" are rewarded with wealth and protected by a legal system which can be influenced when necessary by buying top legal counsel to evade even a hint of impropriety. And then..... anyone who challenges the powers publicly can be vulnerable to a squashing economic influence.

      So the idealist crusaders must dedicate their lives to guerilla warfare.

      As far as kharma... this has been popularized by John Lennon and various West Asian gurus, but when put to the test are more likely to be a good rationale to keep the meek under control by making them think that the power brokers are cursed. Money is not the root of evil, the lack of it is.

    • I agree with you but even the narrow minded will one day realise that life is not just about making millions and sailing ! Look what happened to the Titanic and even close to home an Ex-CFI topman who made a fortune but it was not good enough to bring back his 17 year old daughter when she was tragically raped & killed just outside dad's huge mansion !
      and they say money buys all the happiness !!

    • The narrow minds have no chance to understand what you are talking about. They have been successfully brainwashed from an early age and are fodder for the corporate elite who lead them blindly as leaders of their companies.

      All it takes is to see how the "mentors" of the corporations use their power & position to gain wealth at the expense of "salarymen" .

      This has happened many times at BAX. Golden parchutes & cronyism. Joe Farrell (former CEO) leaving PZB with the $ millions in his package which precipitated massive layoffs at BAX to make up the shortfall. Bob Campbell was next with another fine exit package which instigated the same behavior. These guys, I'm sure feel "terrible" about the "affected masses", as they luxuriate on the Costa del Sol for the Winter.
      And let's look at another angle... mid year 2000 BAX extended credit for a company to the tune of $2 million and defaulted. What insider benefited from this? No coincidence
      Eat or be eaten. All else is illusion

    • OK my friend vortexman , like I said you win and wouldn't you really like to believe that
      deepdown !

      Enjoy your vacation house and golfing in Arizona and perhaps you will remember to
      call in at a local church or spare a little thought for all those stupid people who dont share your success ! And whilst there perhaps you should also pray that you dont spend your fortune on a hopeless medical treatment (such as mad cow ) or Shrinks ..Or take an overseas holiday and find out how the real world
      is shaped ! I bet you have a European or Latin surname inherited from your migrant family-roots but typically you have the nerve to slander anyone from such roots !

      Greed is Good but in your case Greed is God

    • Whoever said you were pathetic is right! They may have also pointed out that you have no class.

      Assuming you had no connection to BAX other than a random investor shorting the stock---why would you feel the need to thumb your nose at the hard working people whose 401k's are destined to "go in the toilet". Either you're an immature jerk, or just a jerk. It defies reason that you are compelled to spend so much of your time trying to malign this company and it's people. What's your point? No, nevermind--don't tell us, just go away!

      You may sleep well at night, but you should watch your back if you believe in kharma.

      And don't dismiss me as a BAX cheerleader. I did formerly work there, but moved on for a more lucrative job. There are still many great folks there though, and I wish them all the best.

      If you really are a former employee as some here have suggested (I have no idea), then boy you really are pathetic!!

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