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  • SHOOTER586 SHOOTER586 Jan 24, 2001 10:08 AM Flag


    All I hear is a bunch of generalities and you profess to be speaking the "truth". Other than personal attacks on anybody that disagrees with you, how about some specific insight as to how you think this company should run.

    You have given us the same drivel of we are losing money, but nothing as to the new projects, products, or ideas that are being implemented.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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    • going into the 3rd year of CBob & friends mgt results @ BAX
      will take several more to achieve respectable returns - in my opinion

      the former mgt team are smiling all the way to the bank ( except mr dan - how can he keep his job?) same story - same result - is he held accountable !

      hey camper - you were 100% dead-on for the last two years -

      for those who bought @ $11 - I would sell
      buy back @ $ 10 - maybe lower ......

      wow -

      any buyers for the coal group? same story here too -

      at least they are trying to recover to avoid bankruptcy - hope they succeed

    • Why even expect any intelligence to be left in this environment. With all the abuse and parasitic relationships which have drained the company for personal gain, the only bodies left are the brainwashed midlevel managers, desperate clericals (hoping for a retirement package-ha!)and a handful of bloodsucking senior execs who would sell their mothers to profit for a nickel. Did I miss anybody ?

      The KPMG symbiosis with BAX is a sweet story which needs to have the lid blown off it. Perhaps those whose careers have been raped will be able to recoup some deserving payback with a class action suit aimed at both the BAX players and KPMG players who schemed to defraud employees & stockholders of untold $millions.

      Let justice be served. Will anyone who has any serious advice on this matter begin posting specifics so we may begin the counter attack and regain some grain of faith in the system. After all, they have to give some back otherwise the masses will begin to revolt

    • You still do not answer any question raised. Even if all of us were drunk, we could still outwit you.
      The past is were you learn , what not to do in the future.
      BAxsuite sounds like a cheap motel or something. Or is that you(the company, not you personally because I bet your duties are to clean up toliet overflows) have converted those grounded planes into.
      Why don't you tell me the whole truth?

      I would gladly sit with them and pop open a cool one, but my preference is Beck's.

      If everything we say it tainted why is you can not comeback with any thing positive except some suite sh-t.Read the paper and see what those customers you and your pom pom squad talk about. they are laying off, reductions , not meeting forcasts and the economy itself has slowed down.
      This my last message to you.
      Talking to you is like talking a stump and hoping it will comeback with something. I just press the ignore button.
      Have a nice life in your suite.

      Bub Bye. Lunchbucket,the name (suites) you well.

    • must I remind you that all of camper's predictions - 100% - came to fruition?
      this was done as a service to those deserving

      we all rejoice that cbob & co ( soon you too) are no longer with BAX -

      everyone that I know vomits at the thought of their success and legalized stealing -

      thanks be to GOD that there is at least a chance to save this company

      p.s. I have forgotten more that you will ever know about the air freight / logistics business - in every aspect --

      I know - grammar - spelling - get a life & get a clue -

      name one piece of camper info that was tainted - we are waiting
      told yunz awl so - back to the jug

    • Vortex, I see that ALL of your so-called information is second-hand over a few beers? Now I see the intelligence. The problem is the all of your info is years old. You keep talking about C. Bob. He's been gone for quite some time now.

      I ask about the BAXSuite because I want to see if you have any clue as to what is going on in the current century.

      As for Canperparty, you should get along very well with him since his info is just as tainted.

      As for the truth, I would like to hear the whole truth, not just your take on some ramblings over a couple of Old Milwaukees.

      BAX has a very bright future with the new products and I'm glad to be a part of it.

      Maybe You, D Ray, and Camperparty can all get together and see if you guys can drum up something intelligent to say.

      Your friend,

      Lunchbucket (He he, I just love that one!)

    • Hey mother.

      I do not work for this company. Never did and never would.

      I am stupid. But I am not dumb.
      There is a difference, but you could not recognize that when you are a combination of both.

      He that a really catchy name.

      You know what everybody loves your mother, especially Bill Clinton. She knows how to great a stain out anything.

      Nah Nah. You twit.


    • Hey camperparty. I seen some of your postings. Can you tell me if their is any intelligence at this place called BAX. I am not familar with this gorgy person who is he? I know who cbob is. He's the guy they hired from Denny's to run that division. How do you get a guy that knows how to make omlettes to running an integrator/airline? Can you explain that one to me? He is also the guy that spent 150 million on consultants KPMG in 3 years.
      And that lunchbuckethead that wants me to explain to him some bax suites. I do not work for this company but know people that do and listen to them over a few beers and wonder how long can this B.S go on.
      Keep preaching the truth.

    • nobodylovesmebutmymother nobodylovesmebutmymother Jan 26, 2001 7:33 PM Flag

      It's good to see that you weren't eaten by a bear on one of your fishing trips. I agree about this vortex character, anyone that stupid would have to be a cbob/gorgy hire. BAX used to have class. This cat makes Bill Clinton look polished.

    • I am management....I do feel we have some serious problems with commmunication here...and yes I WILL be at the field forum..Thank You Dennis for bringing those back....

    • I knew I wouldn't get any info out this fraud. I asked for simple information, and all I get is the same rubbage.

      I guess Vortex has gotten to the point of being boring.

      Time for the ignore button

      "BUB BYE"


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