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  • baxtooler baxtooler Feb 8, 2001 2:53 PM Flag

    What now?

    Obviously BAX has gone down hill, but do you think it is too late to turn it around? They have an outdated fleet that is old and breaks down alot...why not buy a couple of used 757's like DHL and return back to BAX roots of HIGH QUALITY service. The reason people used to choose bax was because they were the they are just a dog! It seems like they strayed from their niche and don't have any firm plans for the future. Even with added competition, I think people are willing to pay for service. Also, I don't understand how closing sales offices and getting rid of sales employees (like the press release said) could help turn around the company? Its like killing the hen that produces eggs so you don't have to pay for the feed. No more eggs, no more feed. I'm not slamming the company and I honestly wish everyone best of luck there but was wondering if anyone had any insight. Thanks.

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    • wunz r keepun an i own u- the grat motivater uf meun - congrats fer awl the contribushuns u hav made to bax - i heer that u r waul respektid thruowt

      i am bettun big $ that u r werkun fer cbob agin reul soon or wun uf hiz frinds - how can they serviv withowt u?? r tha steul cawlin everday?

      if u need to git ahold uf me pleez cawl
      949 382 5968 i plan to submit my rezume to bax
      next munth - shur hope u giv me a chanc

      hav a nis day - u r owt uf mulligans

    • Not a bad story.

      However, you failed to mention the technology blunders. They cannot be ignored especially since Mr. Dung is promoting his $60 million TOS (as in, out the window) investment. Look for 1/3 of the TOS partnership to be canned ASAP.

      Anyhow, as the story goes -- There was a consultant fairy who convinced the top 2 gents at Pittston that any computer system over 18 months old cannot be useful. Just so happens, that the consultants could build entire new ones for the equivalent of 4 years operating profit. Can you imagine. Nevermind about ROI. If you build it, the ROI will come. Nevermind the business processes that have evolved over 20 years getting it right.

      This story would be funny if it wasn't repeated every 3 years or so. Now, some new consultants came in from the wreckage of SkyWaste. This time they had vaporware to sell. Pittston said, we won't make the mistake of building it, we'll buy it off the shelf this time. Still don't need to bother with ROI, we've got some new consultants who will gladly help us implement it. Zero ROI to date and counting.

      And thus the cycle churns again.

    • Hey Bro,
      U should just drop the the mousey and just use the name dung, because that is just what u are. Doesn't matter what kind.

      You complain about grammer and spelling.
      Hey assh-le this is not a spelling bee or a writing contest.

      Add something of content,not just your dribble. You talk about how you can do the same, but do you. I think not, because in your message you claim that the customers don't give a rat's ass how it moves, is completely wrong and you will see that change when you charge thenm for air and it moves via road. They will not be willing to pay for this once they become aware of the situation.

      Would you pay as much for a bus ticket as an airline ticket? Even if you got there in the time you needed?

      Now how is it a competitor can secure business and make money by giving it to you to move. I would want to know how they do it because, they got it right. Assume no liablilty, but reap the profits.

      Where do you park you planes? Most do sit in the desert because of the ability to prevent corrosion, and it costs much less, but hey who cares about costs when BAX is making soooo much money.

      As to running a 2 billion dollar company, no in your mangement has a clue. It is evident by your results.

      BUB BYE

    • Just a question. If BAX is worried about fixed costs, how are they going to implement the TOS program while operating the surface fleet themselves? And please don't respond by stating: "They are leasing the trucks, and getting a great deal too..."

      Leasing the trucks simply means the payment never goes away. (Wait just a minute, I am calling the IBT in Kansas City).

      Just curious weather TOS was a serious project or just a marketing spin due to inability to attract vendors.


    • Tooler -

      Don't believe everything you read on this board - these guys are either former Corp Office flunkies who were dumped during the administration cbob, or bitter Brinks employees who hate BAX for bringing down their 401k in recent years. Guess what kids? cbob is gone, and joey could kick all of your asses!

      Yes, BAX has it's share of problems, but is doing the right things now to turn it around. We now have a ground system that rivals that of a medium size LTL, like a Watkins, and our service levels have improved tremendously. Out of my area, we were 96% on time in December, and 97% in January. Diverting freight off of the fleet and onto ground and common carriage has enabled us to ground 5 "dogs" - DC-10's with consistant mechanical issues, and has enabled the BAXSaver expedited ground product to increase in revenue several times over each quarter. Belive me bro, we've got plans for the future. A company doesn't spend millions on technology upgrades when it plans to be sold does it? Huh? We've cut back on our Global Sales Force, true - that was a cost cutting measure that was important to get us back in line - just like Eagle and Emery are doing and will do more of.

      You want HIGH QUALITY service? How about our Guaranteed Services, which are DOCUMENTED at 99.8% on time, and are now DISCOUNTABLE and ZONE PRICED? We can now compete on a level playing field with FedEx, Emery Gold, and other guaranteed services. Believe me, I've sold the product, and it beats the hell out of those two in both price and service.

      Once again, don't believe everything you read! We are having money problems like ALL THE OTHER integrators and some of the forwarders, (UPS, FEDEX, Eagle, Emery, Danzas, Fritz, not to mention those already dead and buried), but we will turn it around - I've bet my career on it by passing up a very healthy offer from Eagle.

      • 3 Replies to mousey_dung
      • It was DC8'S we grounded not 10's and it was 8 aircraft not far...Marana is a sea of green....the 10 has not been that much more reliable either we all know how many times a week LAX mxc's....I agree the ground network is great, BUT I agree with earlier posts, the only aircraft not making money are ones that are not flying, what we need is a serious update to the fleet.. be it buses from France or something, and we must get away from commercial carriage...flying BAX freight on UPS and the likes does not sit well with some customers......the ones that are keeping us afloat.......

      • It is really funny all of you people that think you know what or how to or how it should be run. But to run an airline business and a frieght forwarder none of you do. Maybe to manipulate money or just move it around to make it look like you are profitable. Ha Ha.

        You dont even know the difference from a DC-10 and a DC-8.

        And you grounded 8 not 5. Get your numbers correct. Get your aircraft straight. You grounded 5 in good shape aircraft that are costing the company 165K per month to sit there, when they could have been kept flying and at least make a marginal profit instead of a million 3 a month loss. Go figure. If you own a plane, until you sell it or terminate the lease it costs you if it is sitting.

        Get your inept salesman off of their dead b--- and get them selling and get your fleet moving freight and doing what this company was designed to do.

        Now go and get a Janes book of aircraft and do a little studying and figure out what your fleet is and what it is not.

      • after a lawng hard week of partyun - I needid theus - u mossy r entertainun - i am steeul laffun my ass awf

        - I fer wun wuz a flunky that did leev under cbob & co ( did not git dumpt)- but theus flunky made BAX mileuns, sakrufist too miny yeers of kareer, and wit a staff uf wun - did thu job that 50 kant do tuday- awl I got in thu end wuz nottin - sham own me fer beun such a dummmass - no wun to blam but me - so thar
        but i lernd my lessun - I got green lung diseez wit no rokkufeller protekshun -shood hav nown better
        and I weul git whut iz cumin to me befowar it iz owver -

        agree - don not believe awl that u reed - but do beleev old camper - he has awlways been rit own thu muny -
        weul giv good $ to the first persun to proov him rong -

        congrats krowly - grat job wit orakl

        congrats to gorgy fer keepin hiz job after cbob got fard - kontrak iz owt this summer - weeeee shall see what he duz next - such a popler likabl feller - weeeeeee ... howdy

        PTN kowd uf ethiks #1
        mak shur that awl job offers r sint to publik fax musheen so to piss awf evry vp in cumpny whin they find owt that new xxx direkter ( wit no industree xpeereuns)maks mowar than ops vps wit 20 plus yeers - a F.L. way to impower the seenyowar mmanigmunt teem

        a speshul hello to
        nite krawler

        may yunz awl rot together fer what you have dun to BAX and miny peepls familees - i no yunz reed thius boward ever day

        ok - enuf fer tonit - I need to git bak to drikun wit my gawlfin budees - shot 93 today - not cowntun the 7 beers and 2 tukeela shots
        a good day -

        red fon iz own - yunz cawl - my legal cownsil is here wit me - says thus posting looks ok

        p.s. I wish the new BAX 100% success now that the cancers ar gown - no hard feeluns at awl

        p.s.s. "i ant awl thu way krazy and i ant sane eether"
        just good honist dancin and peepl enjoyun themselvs

        definishun of a tru freend - camper

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