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  • emerygoingdown emerygoingdown Aug 15, 2001 2:08 AM Flag

    Still #1

    Keep dreaming you losers.
    August 13th the first day of not having EWA we had more tonnage than all of the third quarter.In addition to that all are flights made sort. EWA was dragging us down.
    Customers may be scared away for a few days but we are now able to make a profit with what we fly without EWA eating it all up.
    We saved over � million dollars last night by flying with contracted aircraft. Especially now. Maybe you haven�t notice Gemini, Kalitta aircraft sitting dormant the last couple of months. Well, they aren�t anymore and on top of that they are very competitive on their price.
    We are the leaders in heavy weight and will remain that way long after you guys are gone. Even moreso now , that we�ve gotten rid of that ball and chain. (EWA)

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    • to quote a famous American from 1992

      " can't we all just get along ? "

      I tried to talk to someone that I did not know today, and she threatened to call the police.
      I was just trying to get laid, and did not even cop a feel. I just smiled and said " BAXME" .

      Guess I better work on my communication skills, especially now that I am so motiviated by the BAX " goodwill towards man" ad - it really did touch my heart.

    • Does anyone know what this was about?

      Target Audience?

      Appears to be self-gratifying, benefiting from very difficult times for America.

      Does BAX really need to advertise to the general public, when it predominately offers service to a only few hundred manufacturers?

      Lots of people looking for anwsers to this one.

      Q3 results to be announced next week - will be interesting to see Mr. Dan once again dance around the real issues .......

      promises, promises, promises,
      excuses,excuses, excuses
      losses, losses, losses
      more lives than a cat
      dead cat bounce

      We have not forgotten the Campbell appointment and it's repurcussions

    • We suppose that at least the planes are still flying.

      Pittston doesn't like to warn, they just smile and say they missed again on the day. Mr. Dan will then tell us how much progress they are making and how the 14th turnaround program at BAX is progressing and how the coal sale is still proceeding and we will all all turn our calendars to 2002 and wait yet again.

      Didn't Mr. Dan promise to consider radical change or a sale of BAX if it didn't achieve a 5% run rate by the end of 2001?

      We rate the chances of this happening as just greater than the chances that Osama bin Laden will be found at a NY Yankees game eating a pork barbeque sandwhich and sipping a Bud, but slightly less than the chance of seeing Hillary Clinton doing the same.


    • It should be noted that my previous "comedic" message regarding the ordering of " cbob" masks via a certain telephone number mentioned, can't really be purchased through such phone number.

      While most enjoyed the proposed Halloween costume idea, everyone should note that as of today, to my knowledge, no such costume masks actually exist for purchase.

      A little humor infused into a tragic state of affairs should viewed as such, and no harm was intended to specific person(s).

    • New arrivals - " cbob masks" are here

      For the entire collection of the cbob team - please call (949)752-1212 * 2599

      A free " EMPOWER THE TEAM " t-shirt wil be included with each order, as a free gift from a very special member of the team.

      TRICK OR TREAT !!!

    • exit the coal business? what are you thinking?
      does the $600 M liability still go with it or is it to be spread among the remaining BAX / Brinks ?

      a very interesting year to come folks - stay tuned..........

      investors tire of the comparison that BAX's competitors are losing more $ than BAX ....
      coal woes....... BHS .......
      - we want to know - what is PZB outlook to make a respectable return before Bin Laden becomes a Christian?

      back under the sheets .............

    • that they have the necessary liability coverage to continue flying next week.

      That way we won't need to assume they do not.

      Nearly all aviation insurance coverage renews on October 1. Many companies are in dire straits as a result of recent events. Some of BAX's larger competitors have allready issued information about the impact to costs and the steps they are taking to remain in business.

      While we all enjoying hearing from BAX when they land interesting accounts like Liz Claiborne, and we are excited that BHS has added an attractive plaque to their walls, what we would really like is:

      a) Assurance that BAX will continue operating
      b) Some sense of the added costs both Brink's and BAX will incur WORLDWIDE as a result of an increased possibility of terror attacks
      c) and of course, we all anticipate the sale of the Coal unit "sometime before the end of this year"


    • who am I ?

      camper - where the heck are you?

      who is under your desk?

      you get it done - always did - always will

      when are you going back -

      I am now online - lookout world

      I am now selling freight out of a haybailer

    • no reason to be jealous ... and yes -- I read the Qtrly SEC reports, thus can still very accurately project the BAX results ( exclusive of monkey acctg )- at least this has been the case since Jun 1989.

      Why the need for my contributions from Mar 1999 until Oct 2000 ?
      Too bad you can't remember / see / understand ..... but many thousands more remember and understand very well ... I know, a bit unusual, but effective communication nonetheless. Let me assure you that, while levity was sometimes infused, the personal agony and disappointment at the transpirations, left very deep scars to myself and many great employees (former and current), not to mention the shareholders( i no - fragmentid sintunce)

      I am glad things are going so much better now for BAX .. but don't underestimate the magnitude of the messs inherited ...

      Not sure that I know you, or ever will ...
      Hope you are contributing to the turnaround.

      Now - the challenges of picking up the pieces and trying to save this company rest upon the current mgt team, which I believe have a far greater chance to succeed than the
      " yellow-belly ryder boyz " running the company from June 1998 until their celebrated departure late last year.

      camper has spoken ... very softly as of late

      " everbidy always had a good werd abowtim "

    • echo from the coal mines? are you sure you didn't have a little accident keeping your yahoo identities straight? the 2nd post came only 4 minutes after the first one.

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