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ArthroCare Corporation Message Board

  • melprofit123 melprofit123 Feb 21, 2008 6:54 PM Flag

    discocare, analyst,shortsellers

    what is all the secrecy around discocare? true artc does not have to disclose revenue for discocare but since they used more than half of the companies cash to buy discocare why not talk about what you bought? when baker was asked how many employees discocare had he wouldnt even answer that with a straight answer. what kind of answer is " we have 20 full time equivalent employees? thats a croc why not say 5 full time 8 part time or whatever the number is why not be straight?

    now lets talk about the stock buy back how does not 1 analyst question baker as to why do the buyback so quickly? what was the rush ? they originally said they would finish by march 31st but instead the finished by jan 13th.
    what are these analyst at bear and piper thinking? how do they do their research? they are working in a vaccum. saying discocare is ok because baker said so.

    lastly lets look at dr cutler the supposed sole owner of discocare. baker said cutler does not do the pdd surgery so he didnt need to make any disclosures, hello dr cutler owns palm beach lakes surgical center which is the single largest customer of artc spine wands. no conflict there yeah right. dr kigler who is 1 of the top 5 users of the spine wand is dr cutlers partner in more than half a dozen bussinesses but for some reason there not partners in discocare hmm hard to belive.

    to the analyst and institutions who own artc or have a buy on it stop accepting the company line do your work and have a good reason to own the stock you have a responsibility to investors who trust you. you will never get buy the obvious lies of baker and artc and so ou can not justify owning the stock.
    it does not matter where the info comes from all that matters is the accuracy of the info.
    bill ackman is short the subprimes he speaks openly about it is there no subprime mtg crisis because a short seller is talking about it?
    use your heads do REAL WORK earn your paycheck or you will look foolish once the rest of the artc story comes out.
    make no mistake it is coming and soon.

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    • Good one G!

    • You got it Andrew, let's see....

      It's all really insidious when you stop, pause and think about it. This is a very tight knit industry. We are all a family of sorts, using the same type industry software for accounting and servers for storage as well as wbesite construction/engineers.

      As it turns out , Discocare had THEIR website engineered by the same website designers that constructed the DRS website. The DRS number was mistakenly placed on the Discocare website.

      Naturally,when we saw the mistake after being alerted by the short blog ( since they really have nothing of substance to hold against us, just spin ) we alerted said website engineers of the error and the number was subsequently corrected.

      Now, I know me not going head to head with that Yahoo short Andrew Left's lacky at the CC about the number was going to cause doubt, in the end I don't think we need to spend one second of time talking to those short fraudsters when we can spend our time better talking about ACTUAL issues, and pay our shareholders by running the business and making money therefore rewarding those that have the where with all not to believe someone already convicted of fraud!

      Fair enough Andrew?



    • arthro do you have a secret crush on andrew left?
      what is your problem? is everyone who has a negative opinion on artc andrew left or one of his operatives? if that is how things work you must be michael baker. that would explain alot since no reasonable person can believe bakers bs.
      so mr baker tell us how the fax number REALLY got on your website

    • melprofit, a.k.a Andrew Left,

      >>>arthro i dont care who u are.<<<

      Awwww, did you have to go and hurt my feelings?

      : ? (

    • im not andrew. left uses is name he makes no secret of who he is im sure if he posts on here he will use his name.
      besides who cares who writes what all anyone should be concerned with are the facts in the posts.
      arthro i dont care who u are.

    • The first issue you raise conserns the number of employees at discocare. The answer of 20 FTE seems satisfactory to me. Most businesses use the term FTE now instead of the break out between full and part-time. To make the number of FTEs an issue and have it be somewhat meaningless takes away from your case against ARTC.

      The big issue seems to be the tie-ins between the companies prior to the transaction. Something doesn't smell right... maybe you would be better served to stay on course. There isn't a bogey man behind every bush and ARTC has been very successful without hanky panky, so the question for me is why now, why this deal, and what's the real story behind the common fax #.

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      • you are dead wrong all companies directly answer how many employees they have the do not say we have x fte. go back and look at msft,ge,t,twx,............all companies.
        the point is discocare has 8-10 employees baker doesnt once say who is going to run discocare except to say the genius who started the biz dr cutler is not staying on he takes 25 mil and gone. that is shady a ting co with 8-10full time employees and the ceo doesnt stay on.who are the key employees what did they buy? answer is they bought themselves artc and discocare were always one company its so obvious.

    • anyone have any feedback on this post?

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